Parts & Pieces…

"mini art" #71, mixed media in 5x7 shadow box, SOLD © 2011, Lynne Medsker

During my recent stay at Blueberry View Artist Retreat I was able to create several new artworks, including six of the “mini art” pieces I’ve been making over the past few years. Before I began assembling much of the art I spent time just making the smaller pieces that would be used as part of the artwork. Something that I hadn’t done before was to use ink to color small pieces of glass. I had fun trying different color combinations and came up with a nice selection of pieces to work with:

glass pieces, colored with ink

I also made more aluminum pieces that would eventually be covered in ink too. One of my goals for this retreat time was to play with letters, words, quotes, etc. and so I brought my collection of metal typesetting pieces.

metal typesetting pieces

I used some of them to stamp letters & symbols into the aluminum prior to coloring it. I took several images of this stage of the process, thinking I can use the images in some digital art next time I have time to play with Photoshop!

stamped aluminum
more stamped aluminum!

Here are a couple images of some pieces after they’ve been colored with the ink:

aluminum covered shapes, colored with ink
more aluminum covered shapes, colored with ink

Of course eventually I did begin assembling the artwork from all these parts & pieces, the first of which (mini art #71) is shown at the top of the page. I also had some spares left that came home to my studio with me – a nice beginning point for future creations! Look for images of the other new minis in upcoming posts, along with several other new pieces.



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