Slowest clay project ever!

"obustus #1 & #2" ceramic relief wall sculptures, $175 set © lynne medsker

Well, perhaps I should clarify that it’s only the slowest clay project for ME – I’m sure someone out there has had a project that took longer to complete! I began these pieces during my residency at The Tin Shop in Breckenridge, Colorado last September. I love to play with clay and build pieces with my hands and so when the opportunity arose to do just that, I jumped at it. Little did I know when I began rolling out the clay that it would be 10 months before I’d hold the finished pieces in my hand! The timing ended up being toward the end of my residency and there was only time to fire the pieces once so adding the glazes and re-firing would have to be done after I returned home.

front view of small ceramic sculpture © lynne medsker

They were wrapped/packed with care and joined me on my meandering week-long trip home. When I arrived home there were many projects to catch up on and they sat around the studio, waiting patiently. They moved from storage tubs to tables and back again. You can see them laying on the work table in this blog post from last November! By the time I was ready to get to them it was the middle of winter and the lovely artist who had agreed to fire them for me had retreated to Florida for several months. Back in the tub they went until this April when I finally remembered to retrieve them. I glazed them and, eventually, dropped them off for my artist friend to fire. Unfortunately she wasn’t informed that I’d dropped them off and they sat for another month or two before I quizzed her and she discovered where they’d be stashed.

back view of small ceramic sculpture © lynne medsker

Two weeks ago I got the news that they were ready to be picked up! This past week I was able to find the time to drive out & get them. Since that time I’ve photographed them, wired the two pieces that hang, placed them at ArtSplash Gallery and found a home for the sculpture in my studio. Whew!

I found it a bit ironic that the image of them in the studio last November was showing how I’d arranged and cleaned up the studio and guess what I spent the last three days doing? Rearranging and cleaning the studio, of course! I eliminated the 4 ft. x 4 ft. table space I was so excited about in that post. I should know by now if you give me more flat surface I’ll just fill it up with more clutter! 🙂

studio space with new shelves!

I like the open feel of the studio now with the large opening in the center, but I kept the folding tables stashed nearby for when I truly do need more work surface. My favorite part of all during this update was adding 16 foot of shelf space!! It came *this close* to eliminating all of the floor clutter. One more shelf at the top probably would have done it but then I’d have to climb a ladder to get to it and, when it came down to it, I’d rather see it sit on the floor that go up & down a ladder! 🙂

Have a great Monday! There will be another post soon!


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