Revived & Reworked!

"swoop" triptych (each section 5x7"), printmaking, $165 © Lynne Medsker

There are times when I create so much art in one setting I’m not quite sure what to do with it. That seems especially true when I am experimenting with printmaking. I have a LARGE collection of unframed print projects that I periodically look at but have not done much displaying of. As fall weather is creeping in I decided to see if there were any prints that might fit the season! Since one of the residencies that I explored printmaking was during the fall I had many things to choose from. These two pieces are the ones I selected, both are currently on display (and available for purchase!) at ArtSplash Gallery in Carmel, Indiana.

"harvest dance" printmaking, 5x4", $125 © lynne medsker

It was fun seeing how some matting and framing can totally revive artwork! And it felt good to actually display some of the printmaking artwork I’ve created.

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  1. Beautiful work–your take on gelatin prints is also very refreshing. I’m so happy to find a fellow printmaker in the blogs, and when you said ‘more art than you know what to do with’ I had to identify. Printmaking produces stacks, but then you sift…

  2. Thanks for visiting & reading! I think I need to do some more sifting, I pulled those for a specific purpose but really need to look at/rework/repurpose a lot of my “stash”! Love your work and blog! I am now a Twitter follower and Facebook fan. 🙂

    • Oh gosh, thanks! I’m a lonely printmaking, and would love to keep in touch about printmaking. Even amoung printmakers, messy monoprints are something special. I hope we can meet again in blogs. That’s were I do most of my chatting, very casual stuff.
      So I subscribed to your blog. I need to organize those subscriptions now, so I don’t miss any of your posts and your beautiful artwork.


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