Titles, Ugh!

untitled mixed media artwork, 6x6" matted/framed to 10x10", $145 © lynne medsker

Have I mentioned how I struggle with titles for many of my art pieces? Often it’s the worst part of creating something – what to call it! I’ve resorted to the number system on certain series of work but I know that’s not as interesting as a title. Perhaps I need a creative writing workshop instead of art workshops? 🙂 These three pieces were created recently and, as of this moment, still aren’t titled.

untitled mixed media artwork, 6x6" matted/framed to 10x10", $145 © lynne medsker

I sometimes think I should just title them something off the wall & random but I’ve seen art that didn’t seem to have anything to do with it’s title and, honestly, it just confused me! 🙂

untitled mixed media artwork, 6x6" matted/framed to 10x10", $145 © lynne medsker

By the way, if you’d like to see these pieces they are heading to ArtSplash Gallery in Carmel, Indiana in November. And if you happen to fall in love with all three you can purchase the set for only $395. Perhaps I’ll have them titled by then!


8 thoughts on “Titles, Ugh!

  1. I feel your pain! I’ve often thought I needed an author, poet, on my staff just to name my pieces. 😉 With it being halloween time, and combing through the endless costumes online, your pieces remind me of the steampunk (had no idea what this even was three days ago) genre. Maybe that will give you inspiration for titles. Good luck!

  2. So glad to hear I’m not alone. 🙂 What’s pitiful is that I’ve written a lot of poems in the past, I journal, write two blogs…you’d think I wouldn’t get so intimidated by this! Steampunk, huh? I’m going to have to look up some images, I’ve seen some jewelry labeled like that but don’t have a good handle on the whole concept.

  3. Sometimes Untitled is the best title. Untitled leaves room for the viewer to make their own conclusions. For these three, I like ‘untitled’ very much, but that’s just me.

    1. Thank you! I just finished putting these in frames tonight, AND I got them titled. Sort of! I picked one title for all of them (“Zephyr Blues”)and then numbered them #1, #2 & #3!

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