Scenic Road Trip: Northern California Coast and beyond

It’s been a while since I’ve posted images from our trip west, the last one was from the Giant Redwoods. For today’s post we finally made it to the coast! I absolutely LOVE being by the ocean, a river, a lake….heck sometimes just a tiny pond will do! Having never seen the Pacific Ocean before I was excited to explore so we made a lot of stops along our route.

We started off near Klamath, California and by the time we made camp that evening we were in Oregon. Near Klamath we hiked down the side of a cliff to get a close view of the ocean, this little snail was on the trail. Despite the signs assurance that it was just 1/2 of a mile, the straight down & straight back up aspect of the hike was a brutal way to start the day. But we didn’t need to worry about getting much more exercise after that excursion!

The day started with a light fog/mist and then cleared off into a beautifully sunny day. Perfect for exploring the coast! 
I was more than a little obsessed taking images of the beautiful rocks and the waves that crashed upon them!  I’m fairly certain that the rest of these images were taken after we crossed over into Oregon. 

The afternoon sun just sparkled on the water!  We made it to a campground that night and were looking forward to the next few days…all of them spent along the ocean. Look for more images next time!


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  1. Helen

     /  November 16, 2011

    I absolutely LOVE being by the ocean, a river, a lake….heck sometimes just a tiny pond will do!
    Lynne, what you said is exactly what i have always been feeling like. so glad to find a soul echoing my own thought and emotion deep inside. i appreciate both your expressive words and pictures.

    • Helen,
      I’m so happy to know there are others out there that find their joy being close to water! Thanks for your kind comments!

  2. Gorgeous photos; I especially love the next to las one! Thanks for sharing!


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