Commissioned work in progress

I’ve not tended to the blog the last week because I’ve been busy working on a new commissioned project. Sorry for the light amount of posts! I thought today I’d share a few images of what I’m working on, at least enough to tease your imagination. The overall piece is going to be 33″x60″ and will be framed in a deep shadow box. Using aluminum, copper, slate, tiles and other assorted goodies I’ll be composing this piece over the next few days. Here’s what I’ve got images of so far:

step-by-step image of ink colored aluminum © lynne medsker
scrap copper piece

This is one of the scrap pieces of copper I’ll be incorporating into the design. I wanted to liven it up some a bit I got out my heat gun and began to heat it up, getting some nice color changes.

scrap copper after being heated

This image shows all three of the copper pieces after they’d been through the heating process.

three pieces of copper

Have I got you curious yet? I’ll post more updates as things progress.



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