Ginormous Egg Art!

I was given a fun opportunity to participate in a special event in Carmel, Indiana that started last week.

egg art, 6 views

One decorated egg, six views (c) lynne medsker

Several area artists were invited to decorate great big Easter eggs in their own unique style. The eggs will be used in a scavenger-style Easter Egg hunt, throughout the arts district, those that participate are eligible to win a prize basket. Here are some progress images of my egg, from start to finish:

plain pink egg

plain egg, waiting for inspiration! (c) lynne medsker

phase one, egg decoration

phase one, apply colored art papers (c) lynne medsker

phase two, helper cat

phase two, unsuccessfully convince your cat not to lay on the art paper stash!

phase three white swirls

phase three, add white swirled paper (c) lynne medsker

final phase, finished egg

final steps: outline, detail, paint and DONE! (c) lynne medsker

Somehow coloring the regular size eggs this week doesn’t seem as exciting after tackling this one! 🙂

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