Subdued Spontaniety

Posting more work from February today! This piece is one of several I created using concrete on wood panels to achieve the texture.

subdued spontaniety (c) lynne medsker
"subdued spontaniety" mixed media on wood panel 20x20", $375 (c) lynne medsker

The “normal” process is to let the concrete dry for a couple of days, apply a sealer and then do the painting/coloring on top of that. But I got to wondering – what would happen if I added the color when the concrete was freshly applied? Although the color wasn’t quite as vivid and seemed to be absorbed by the concrete a bit I had a lot of fun just dropping acrylic inks on the surface, wetting them, letting them bleed together & blend and then do it all over again. My original thought was I’d call this piece “feelin’ groovy” because it reminded me of the 60’s era so much! Can you see why?

work in progress, subdued spontaniety (c) lynne medsker
work in progress - pretty groovy! (c) lynne medsker

These are the only two images I took but basically the end resulted by me wiping a layer of white over the dried & sealed piece (to subdue it!) so I guess there wouldn’t be much else to show you anyhow! This is another piece that is included in the “Mixed Well and Served Fresh” show that runs through April 14th at Artistic Designs Gallery in Brownsburg, Indiana. Stop by and take a peek at it, the texture looks so awesome in person!


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