Film Fun: Supersampler!

Last week I shared images taken with my little fisheye camera, today I wanted to show you what the “Supersampler”can do! Another fun toy for just getting loose and playing this camera has four small lenses and the final image ends up with the frame divided into four little slices of the action.

supersample, running © lynne medsker
“running” taken on film with supersampler camera © lynne medsker

I played with it a few weeks ago and really liked the shots with people best – the landscapes didn’t do anything for me at all. Of course the only “people” I had to take photos of at the time were my grandson so he’s featured in yet another post!

tire swing © lynne medsker
twirling on the tire swing, taken with supersampler camera © lynne medsker

You have to pretty much let go of any kind of control with this camera – it doesn’t even have a viewfinder!

swinging © lynne medsker
swinging, taken on supersampler camera (changed to B&W digitally) © Lynne Medsker

What it does have is a fun little pull cord to ready to camera to shoot, which was quite cool – at least according to a five year old. That and the fact that it had to be action, with a “ready, set, go” prompt – what kid wouldn’t like that!!

swinging, front view © lynne medsker
swinging, front view, taken on supersampler film camera © Lynne Medsker

It has two speed settings, either .2 seconds or 2 full seconds. I like the full 2 seconds better, there’s a bit more time lapse to show more action that way!

water © lynne medsker
water, taken with supersampler film camera, digitally altered © Lynne Medsker

I’ve got another roll of film loaded in it and we will have the family together for Father’s Day – I’m hoping to get a few fun images from that day. I also got a converter kit for my old film camera to take some interesting (I hope) photos with. Once I’ve had time to play with that and get it developed, I will share it as well.

Happy shooting!


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