Journal Creations

Although not quite as bad as catching up from March, these are images from an “open studio” class time in April. The project for that day was to create journals, using recycled materials for the cover. Specifically they all began as cereal boxes! Here are some “start to finish” photos of the journals in various stages.

beginning cover

folded box, adding textured paper


folded box, aluminum layer added on top & embossed with design

journal cover

journal cover, adding colored ink

journal cover

journal cover, more layers of ink/color

journal cover

stamping on the colorful inks

finished journal #1

finished journal #1

journal cover 2

finished journal #2

detail, journal #3

detail, finished journal #3

finished journals, back side

back side of all finished journals

I love how all of these turned out differently. That’s one of my favorite things about being with creative souls…even with the same materials and techniques each of us is so different in our vision. Amazing!

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