Abstract, Contact, Watercolor

Another recap of a spring class, this one from May when we created abstracts on illustration board.

waterecolor, wax, marker
watercolor, wax, marker on illustration board

The process begins by rubbing blocks of wax around the surface of illustration board, creating an unseen design with the edges, sides and corners of the wax blocks.

drawing a design
student, drawing their design
design on contact paper
design drawn on contact paper

After that the entire surface is covered with contact paper and the design is drawn onto the contact.

removing contact
removing contact layer with x-acto knife

After selecting a color scheme then the contact paper is removed, section by section, using an x-acto knife and watercolor paint is applied.

adding paint
student adding color to their design
watercolor added
watercolor added, wax design showing

When the paint is added then the wax design pops out from underneath as white lines and dappled areas of color.

still painting
still adding paint
more color
adding more color
getting close
almost finished

As one area dries we moved on to a different section until the entire piece is covered with paint – if that’s what the painter desired. When the painting is done then the areas can be detailed and/or outlined with marker, paint or ink if desired.

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