Underwater Practice Photos

So, last month I decided to take on the challenge of doing some underwater portraits (that post will be coming soon). I couldn’t resist the idea of combining two of my favorite things – being in the water & taking photos.

What I couldn’t make myself do was take my big DSLR cameras under the water, no matter how safe & secure the housings they sell were supposed to be! So I compromised and got a housing for my point & shoot camera, thinking I could live with the idea (and expense) of having to replace a nice point & shoot if things went terribly wrong! Although I struggled with the housing, learning eventually that, yes, there is a front and back and, yes, it does matter which direction you put them together. It became much simpler after that discovery! My “‘test run” photo session was in the pool with my grandson as my model.  You’ll notice that it’s mostly arms, legs and life vest – he’s not one for being underwater just yet. I did capture this image of the one (and only) time he jumped into the pool and went all the way under the water. After messing around with photos under the water I began to play with photos looking up out of the water. Although I’m not sure what this first one is, it’s rather a cool abstract, anyhow. These are two fun pics I got of my grandson out of the pool and me under the water.

That was kind of a fun experiement, the hardest part is staying under the water while trying to compose & shoot! Although still not complete comfortable I felt like I could tackle the underwater portraits. I at least had confidence that the housing wouldn’t leak and ruin my camera! You’ll have to wait until next week to see the portraits. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Underwater Practice Photos

  1. I’m really worried about the housing leakage, too. We tend to snorkel for hours at a time so it would have to stand up to several hours well. Have you checked into any specific brands of housing?

    1. The one I ended up with was made by Polaroid and had pretty good ratings on Amazon. They send you stuff to test it with too, before you put your camera in it. Something I read was to save those little cilica (sp?) packages that are used in packaging and put them in there with the camera – even if it is waterproof it can sweat and that helps absorb any moisture. Hope that helps! That would be so much fun to take photos while snorkeling!!

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