A Peek In the Studio (Part Two)

Continuing from my post last week, here are more images from around my studio.

map image, waiting to be collaged
gel pens!
cut wooden shapes for mixed media art
rocks…lots of rocks around here
work in progress, concrete with glass, on wood
brushes and such
wood panels, from last year….I’m still using them!
Now THAT’s some texture!
cleaning towels, I can’t stand to throw the pretty ones away!
office filing/printing/storage area
close up of mixed media artwork
20+ canvases/wood panels, textured, painted white and waiting…
where I spend WAY too much of my time…the computer desk

So now when you see my art or read my posts you can picture me in my “natural habitat” working away….


3 thoughts on “A Peek In the Studio (Part Two)

    1. Most of the time I use a clear acrylic gel, it’s great for collaging and adhering things. If I’m concerned about something big or heavy I use “Goop” from the hardware. 🙂

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