Game on!

I almost titled this “Loosing my marbles” but thought better of it. It might be a bit more accurate though!

I am in the final stretch of finishing up my brand new website. Shew! I’m so excited to share it with you and even more excited about being DONE! It will have lots of new options, info and fun stuff but it’s taken me literally months longer than I thought it would. Of course I had one partially built and scraped the whole idea and started over so that didn’t help the timeline.

During my rooting around in file folders full of images I uncovered these photos I’d taken for a commissioned project several years ago. Right in the middle of website development I stopped to pull them out, dust them off and get them ready to present. 🙂

Although it might not be as much fun as having my hands covered in paint it was a satisfying departure from the repetitiousness I’ve been dealing with lately. I’ll take it until the next time I can play!

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