Free Tour: The line forms here!

I thought I’d give you a little online tour of the new website! Let’s start off with the home page, here is an image of the navigation at the top of the page:

home page image
Home Page Image,

Many of the buttons at the top of the page can be hovered over to access a drop-down menu, offering more choices within that category. Here’s an image of the “Art” button drop-down menu circled in blue:

drop down menu
drop down menu at

Taking it a step further, some of the drop-down items have pop-outs with more information, images or details. Those categories have a “>” on the label. Here is how they look when they pop out:

pop out menu on dropdown
Image of a pop-out button on the drop-down menu at

Did you notice that the pop-out button is for purchasing my digital and photographic art online? Yup, there’s a page to do that now! That’s one of the new features I was excited about adding.

Something else that will be featured (and regularly updated!) on the home page is an image of current work in progress, like the one shown here:

work in progress image from home page
work in progress image from home page of

Here’s the last stop of today’s tour, probably not as glamorous as some of the other items but I’m excited about them! These buttons are at the bottom of each page to make it easy for you to keep connected with me and my art and to share the pages/images with your friends and family.

links for sharing and newsletter sign up
links for sharing and newsletter sign up on

Anytime you see an image or read a page that you like, hitting those share buttons would be most appreciated! And to make sure you get the latest updates, be sure to sign up for my newsletters. They will be published twice a month, with occasional special announcements throughout the year. I also have a separate newsletter specifically for those of you interested in the classes and workshops I present. That is published about once a month.

Next post I’ll give you a peek at the online calendar for classes, some “secret” pages as well as a section of fun stuff, just for you! In the meantime feel free to explore on your own, it’s open 24/7, 365 days a week by clicking RIGHT HERE. Enjoy!


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