It seems like I find inspiration in places when I least expect it!

texture image by Lynne MedskerA few weeks ago I visited an old building that’s under construction. The raw walls, peeling paint, exposed bricks and bits of the past kept peeking out at me, I just had to grab my camera and quickly capture some images.

texture image by Lynne Medsker

texture image by Lynne Medsker

Even the outside of the building was awesome! texture image by Lynne Medsker

I’ve got hundreds of images of things that inspire me…I’m especially drawn to textures! Oh, and clouds. And rocks. And…well, the list is rather long!  I am certain at some point I’ll glue myself down in front of the computer and combine all these images into digital art pieces. texture image by Lynne MedskerIn the meantime, my image collection continues to grows!

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