Three is my favorite number!

It’s so much fun to announce the third winner of the “Seven Day Giveaway” of art! As it turned out the random number selected today was also three. I knew that number rocked! Congrats to Toni S. for their winning entry.

“Reach” photo/digital art © Lynne Medsker

Wondering what they did to win? Although there are MULTIPLE ways to enter (read all about them here) this lucky winner signed up for my e-newsletter. Not too hard at all. I bet most any art-loving person could do that. 🙂 How about you? Have you entered? If so you’ve got my thanks and encouragment to try again. If not, well, whatcha waiting for? You’ve only got four days left now….I’d get it done early. Kind of like the pre-Thanksgiving shopping trip to the grocery. You don’t want to get in that big crowd that waits till the last minute. 🙂

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