One of the rewards of de-cluttering and organization is finding things you haven’t seen in a while! One of the discoveries I was excited about was in with my printmaking supplies. I’ve not made any new prints for quite some time and actually have some new materials to try out so getting the supplies together and ready made me even more anxious to explore the media again. The bonus was that I’d stashed a pile of gelatin prints from previous explorations in with the supplies, it was such fun visiting with them again. 🙂

I am going to go right now and find a spot on my calendar and mark it in bold letters: EXPLORE PRINTMAKING! Look for some newness in the next month.


4 thoughts on “Discoveries

  1. oooh, some of these are just wonderful! I really enjoyed the print-making and am looking forward to adding some more of that into my year! Now that I am not quite as overwhelmed with new ideas and such I cannot wait to get going myself at home!

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