Living in a Monet World

Cliff walk at Pourville by Claude Monet

The past six days have been some challenging ones for me! After many years of debate I made the decision to have my vision surgically corrected. I’ve worn glasses (or contacts) over 50 years now . I suppose I could have waited another 15-20 years for cataract surgery to get them corrected but it just seemed like now was the time. I was not a candidate for the Lasik procedure that you normally hear about but instead had PRK. (Here’s a link that explains what that involves: PRK info) Ever the optimist, even knowing that the recovery period is longer, I was sure I would be back to my normal routine quickly. Instead I am in the middle of a healing process that may take weeks…in some cases months…to complete itself. In the meantime I can see but it’s like the world is slightly smudged and out of focus. The best comparison (especially as an artist) I can come up with is living in a painting by Monet. You can tell exactly what is there, yet it’s just not sharply displayed.  I’ve had to cancel several activities I was sure I’d be up to doing and I’ve been relying on help from others – something I’ve never been very good at! On my home turf I do well, driving solo I’ve not been brave enough to attempt – although that is on my list for tomorrow. I’m past the point of wanted to keep my eyes closed all the time, no longer taking pain meds or numbing my eyes with drops but I’ve got a pair of dark sunglasses perched on top of my head at all time, even indoors, for when the light is just too bright to deal with. Creating art hasn’t been on the radar yet. I’m hoping that will be soon though, In the meantime I can do some cleaning & organizing and be prepared for when the creative times return! Patience has never come easily to me (does it to anyone?) so this is just another way to help me embrace it. Perhaps I’ll use these quieter days for posting more on my blog now that I can kind of see the screen!



8 thoughts on “Living in a Monet World

  1. I remember when just having cataract surgery that I wore DARK sunglasses even in church (and you know how dimly lit our church is). I was so happy I had it done, but…….. I hope you heal quickly and your vision is completely normal, I am sure this will be the case. I have my fingers crossed for you and also saying a little prayer.

  2. OH, by the way, Monet is probably my favorite of all time, so you’re currently in good company 🙂

  3. Our prayers are with you, Lynne, now and thru this whole healing process. Once I have out found out about where I am at relative to driving, (stroke/heart/??) , if there is anything we can do, please let me know. Love you, very special lady!!😎❤⚓⚓⚓

  4. Oh my gosh Lynne!!! Vision is such an odd thing, isn’t it? We all see differently via our thoughts but then there is the physical aspect of vision and even that is different between and amongst us. Sending you many healing thoughts! My Dad had cataract surgery in his late 40s and early 50s and wears glasses to this day. My Mom had cataract surgery in her early 70s but her eyes are medical textbook weirdly shaped and required what they called then a piggyback lens – something they have moved past and beyond by now – she has more M&M shaped eyes than football shaped ones. My brothers and I have all worn corrective vision since elementary but I think I might have the worst eyesight. Then I had my first cataract (come up in 6 months time!) at 47 and then my second one 2 years later. Mine went super easy and I was able to 98% fix my vision so that I no longer wear any corrective eyewear. I am still amazed everyday when I don’t have to put my contacts in!

    I hope someone can read this to you! Sorry for being wordy but I will keep you and your vision in my happy thoughts! I miss seeing you out and about…by that I mean your studio and your shows! We didn’t make it to the Artisan show this year nor am I going to make it to Artscape. I do want to take one of your journaling classes though so here’s hoping!

    Take care-

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