Artist Statement

When I create art I feel alive, as if this is the purpose of my life. It keeps my life in balance, letting me escape the tensions of the everyday world. While producing mixed media artwork I use a wide variety of tools and processes. I find the “hands on” experience of physically shaping, coloring and assembling pieces to be a fulfilling, sensory experience while creating photographic and digital art satisfies my cerebral nature. Combining these techniques into a single piece of art is the best of both worlds!

Regardless of the creative method used, the final result is typically multi-layered in appearance. Though much of my work features geometric shapes, organic elements, or a balance of both, my subject matter is generally abstract. As I gain experience, not only artistically but in life as well, my artwork continues to evolve. Recently it has become more complex, with more texture, detail and dimension. I challenge viewers to not only enjoy the imagery of my artwork but to discover evidence of things hidden within the layers of each piece.

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