Late night creativity

I spend a few hours on the couch each evening, being social with my family, watching television and just relaxing. Except I can’t stand to just SIT and do nothing! (Face it, 99% of the reason we watch t.v. is so we have an excuse to sit & do nothing!) So I’ve got a stash of Suduko books, crossword puzzles and – most importantly – my laptop nearby. I enjoy spending time surfing the web, socializing on Facebook, catching up on emails and doing a bit a tweeting on Twitter. But evenutally I end up using the time to edit photos or, as the case has been lately, creating digital art. I’ve been on a fractal art kick recently – these are two new images from the past week.

infinity pool (c) lynne medsker
“infinity pool” fractal art, 2012 (c) lynne medsker
untitled fractal (c) lynne medsker
(untitled) fractal art 2012 (c) lynne medsker

Last night I switched it up and made a digital collage, which I haven’t done in quite some time.

look inside (c) lynne medsker
“look inside” digital collage (c) lynne medsker

I have to admit that I really enjoyed doing something a bit different. I guess I’ll know how much I enjoyed it by what follows during my next evening on the couch! I never pre-plan so whatever happens will just happen…which is something else I enjoy about these late night creativity sessions.


Cybernated Artistry!

In case you missed it I am excited to be sharing an upcoming venue with other digital artists that would like to show their work! The details and entry form are located at the deadline is in one week! I hope you’ll consider entering and help show the public how diverse digital art can be!

If you aren’t a digital artist then instead of entering I am asking you to attend! Here is an image of the postcard announcement with all the details:

See you there!


PS – So, after passing out these postcards and publishing the image all over the web it was pointed out to me I have the wrong date printed on there for the reception. Sheesh. If I confused you, my apologies…it is indeed a Friday – the 10th.

Blended Fractals #42 and #43

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared any fractal or digital artwork on this blog so I thought I’d sneak some in today!

blended fractal art #42 © lynne medsker
blended fractal art #42 © lynne medsker

Most of my newest creations comprised of several different fractal images blended together to make one new colorful, detailed piece. No exception here! These are the “single” fractal images that I used:

fractal #39 © lynne medsker
fractal #39 © lynne medsker
fractal #40 © lynne medsker
fractal #40 © lynne medsker
fractal #41 © lynne medsker
fractal #41 © lynne medsker

This time I had so much fun blending and changing the coloring on the art that I came up with two final pieces. I just couldn’t decided! So you get to see both. 🙂

blended fractal #43 © lynne medsker
blended fractal #43 © lynne medsker

So, do you have a favorite between the two? Or like one of the singles best?

Blended Fractal #38

Switching gears today and sharing some new fractal art with you! This piece was created by layering two other fractals together and blending them.

blended fractal 38 © lynne medsker
blended fractal #38, digital art 2012 © lynne medsker

As you can tell by the look of the two original fractal pieces they were twisted, turned and color modified quite a bit to make the new image!

fractal 36 © lynne medsker
fractal #36, digital art, 2012 © lynne medsker
fractal 37 © lynne medsker
fractal #37, digital art, 2012 © lynne medsker

I really like this new image (and the two originals) now I just need to find a reason to have some prints made. 🙂

New Fractal Prints!

Although I’ve been featuring my digital art on my blog digital+art+daily, I thought you might enjoy seeing some recent work (I’ve been doing a LOT of digital art lately).

(c) lynne medsker, fractal 26B
2012 "fractal 26B" digital art (c) lynne medsker

These piece were finished prior to the opening of “Mixed Well and Serving Fresh” and are included in that show.

fractal #27 (c) lynne medsker
2012 "fractal 27" digital art (c) lynne medsker
fractal #30 (c) lynne medsker
2012 "fractal 30" digital art (c) lynne medsker
fractal #32 (c) lynne medsker
2012 "fractal 32" digital art (c) lynne medsker
fractal #33 (c) lynne medsker
2012 "fractal 33" digital art (c) lynne medsker

I had the images processed at Star Photo in Anderson, Indiana. It was fun to brainstorming with Chuck and come up with some creative ways to display my work. He took this photo of them prior to sending them to me:

artwork (c) lynne medsker, image taken by Star Photo, Anderson, IN
Image taken at Star Photo, Anderson, IN - artwork by Lynne Medsker

As great as they look here, they look even better in person! Stop in the gallery and view them, they’ll only be there two more weeks – don’t miss it. 🙂

Intricate Elements meet Lithomorphs

I posted earlier this month about the upcoming “Intricate Elements” show that I will be having in Bloomington, Indiana during the month of April.  There are so many things going on with/during this show – not the least of which is that I’ll be sharing the gallery space with sculptor Martin Beach! While my digital art will surround you on the walls of the gallery space, Martin’s amazing sculptures will be interwoven through the gallery space as well.

lithomorphs show info
These images of his amazing work are just a small sampling of what he has created. I feel honored to be sharing or artwork at the same venue! In addition to our art there will also be poetry and wine, each paired with certain pieces of art during the opening. I can’t wait!

I hope you will join me for the evening of April 6th, it’s going to be fantastic!

Signing off

Just needing to take a breather after the last few weeks full of activity. I’ll be back online and blogging by next weekend, so you shouldn’t get too lonely without me in that amount of time. I was going to be responsible and set up auto-posts for the entire week but I’m just too tired to do more than one. I’ll have lots to share with you once I recharge my batteries for a few days! Here’s a few images from the “Mixed Well and Served Fresh” show for you to enjoy in the meantime:

© lynne medsker
© lynne medsker
© lynne medsker

Peace & Love,


Primitive, Cybernated and Refined

I’ve spent much of the last few days putting the finishing touches on artwork for “Mixed Well and Served Fresh” that opens tomorrow. I’ll be taking the pieces to the gallery to hang them this afternoon. As always I have a mixture of styles and media I’ll be displaying!

primitive gestures series, work in progress, eclipse © lynne medsker

My most recent work (as in the paint was drying late last night on a few pieces!) turned into a small series that  I’m calling “Primitive Gestures”. Each piece originated with concrete on wood panels, applied by hand, with lots of symbols, marks and texture. Topped off with layers of color and glaze, my inspiration for these pieces were the primitive cave and rock drawings made by our long-past ancestors. Even then, with their rudimentary tools, people had the urge to create, communicate and share their life through art. Some of the markings I used on these works were from books that I’ve read about the rock drawings and some were just from my imagination. I really enjoyed getting my hands into these pieces, there isn’t a texture or color on any of them that I didn’t touch!

"fractal #30" digital art, 2012 © lynne medsker

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I am also displaying many pieces of newly created digital artwork. Those pieces, during the creative and production process, I did not touch at all until I signed my name on them! Although perhaps not as sensory to the touch they are a wonderful experience for the eyes with vivid colors and movement through each piece. Making digital art is fun for my brain, my imagination gets a workout!

"plummet" mixed media in shadow box frame © lynne medsker

Another type of art I’ll be sharing at the show are mixed media compositions that are framed in shadow boxes. More refined that the primitive pieces and a bit more personal and hands-on than digital, I like the puzzle-solving aspect of adding and subtracting different elements to achieve a pleasing composition. I’ve created many pieces in this style for both businesses and homes, they are a wonderful addition to your personal collect for your office.

So there is a mini preview of some of the artwork that will be included in the show. More “sneak peek” posts coming soon! I hope to see you at the opening tomorrow (Saturday, March 3rd) from 2 to 5 p.m. to share other new works with you.


New Fractal Art

2012 fractal #8 © lynne medsker

Earlier this year I announced that I had started a second blog, digital+art+daily, that features one of my digital art images each day. Reviewing the collection of digital art I’ve created over the past few years inspired me to create some new pieces. Last week I featured these new fractal art pieces at digital+art+daily and thought I should share them with you here, too, in case you hadn’t been to visit the new blog yet. Enjoy!

2012 fractal #9 © lynne medsker
2012 fractal #12 © lynne medsker
2012 fractal #18 © lynne medsker
2012 fractal #16 (monochrome) © lynne medsker
2012 fractal #14 © lynne medsker
2012 fractal #23 © lynne medsker

Aluminum Prints

"fractal #13" oval print on aluminum, 11x14, $125 © lynne medsker

I’ve been slowly building my inventory of prints on aluminum for an upcoming show. The last order I tried out some images printed on oval shapes. I really like the way they turned out!

"fractal #30" oval print on aluminum, 11x14, $125 © lynne medsker

If you’ve not seen images printed on aluminum you should make a point of seeing these in person, these photos don’t do them justice!

"fractal #16" oval print on aluminum, 11x14, $125 © lynne medsker

High gloss finish, float mounted, with vivid colors – these pieces really pop! The scratch resistant surface of these light-weight pieces is a breeze to wipe clean with a bit of window cleaner. Style & convenience all in one piece!

"fractal #11" oval print on aluminum, 11x14, $125 © lynne medsker

These particular prints are in my studio right now but you can see other samples of digital art on aluminum at both Artistic Designs Gallery in Brownsburg, Indiana or ArtSplash Gallery in Carmel, Indiana.

I’ll post more aluminum print images soon!