Reminder: Industrial Art Duo Class!

wall sculpture 28 © lynne medsker
wall sculpture #28, wood, concrete & misc. old parts © lynne medsker

If you are interested in the Industrial Art Duo class that I’ll be presenting this coming Saturday, this is your last chance to sign up! We currently have three openings available before the class is full. I will accept students until midnight this Wednesday, August 15th, then the class will be closed so that I can purchase/gather the materials. The weather forecast looks excellent so far and I’m excited about the fun group that has already signed up to participate!  Why don’t you join us for this creative day?


Yupo Play Images

I’m blushing a bit at how long it took to get these photos online and posted! These are all from a “Yupo Play” class last March! Better late than never I suppose. We had a good time exploring this interesting “paper” which is synthetic and machine-made in the USA of 100% polypropylene. It is waterproof, stain resistant, extremely strong and durable, PH neutral, amazingly smooth and Recyclable!  Here are a few images from the class:

mash-up with yupo paper
“mash up” two pieces of damp Yupo paper & watercolor “mashed” between them, then taken apart
1/2 mash up
One side of a “mash up” watercolor & Yupo paper

These were fun and reminded me of a more colorful/interesting version of the ink blot images we used to make as kids – we could all see different things in them! What do you see in the image above? I’m curious if it’s the same as what I do.

One thing we attempted wasn’t very successful, but that’s what happens in a class titled “play” – we were experimenting with media, not aiming for masterpieces. 🙂 The technique was to take the paper outside and use stencils, lace, etc. and spray a clear acrylic paint over them to leave a pattern that would be blocked out in white when we added the watercolor. It probably didn’t help that it was a windy day and we had spray paint issues! You can see in this image that there was a bit of success but even that eventually disappeared as more watercolor was added.

stencil dots on Yupo paper
stencil stripes on Yupo paper

Oh well! Perhaps a repeat on a non-windy day will have better results. 🙂

Washing on a layer of watercolors and then laying plastic wrap on top made for some really interesting abstract patterns. Well, if you were patient enough to let it dry before you took the plastic off!

plastic wrap
plastic wrap over watercolor on Yupo paper
rolling paint with a brayer

We had so much fun moving the paint around on the paper that even our paper towels ended up looking colorful!

palette, paint, paper towel

The last technique we tried involved tissue paper layers on painted Yupo. Some were removed, others were kept, some moved to new placement and were adhered to the paper with clear acrylic gel.

tissue paper
tissue paper collaged on Yupo

And, yes, it was as much fun as it looks – you should come try it sometime. 🙂

New Classes at ArtSplash Gallery!

I’ve added several classes to the schedule, all to be held at ArtSplash Gallery in Carmel, Indiana. Here are two leaflets about the classes with dates & details. Feel free to contact me ( when you are ready to sign up – or if you have any questions. mixed media class flyer with Lynne Medsker

mandala class flyer with datesLive on the westside of Indy? I’ll be scheduling classes in my Brownsburg, Indiana studio soon! Be sure to email me if you have any requests for specific classes! 🙂

(7/21/12 NOTE: Ooops! I originally uploaded flyers without the dates on them! Sorry!)

Open Studio Class: Mixed Media on Illustration Board

Thursday, May 10th from noon to 2:30 p.m. will be the last Open Studio class for a few months, I’ll be taking a short “summer break”!

non-identical twins #1 © lynne medsker
"non-identical twins #1" mixed media on illustration board, 20x15", $295, framed © lynne medsker

It’s going to be a good one though, mixed media on illustration board! Using a combination of paint, markers, wax and contact paper we will map out an abstract design and paint it section by section. Using the clear wax on the background adds an element of surprise where the paint doesn’t adhere to the surface!

"ozone" mixed media © lynne medsker
"ozone" mixed media on illustration board, 8x10" $75 (unframed) © lynne medsker

As with past open studio classes, the cost is $30 for the 2 1/2 hour session and includes all supplies. Come on out and play, it’s your last chance for a while!

Please note – this class is being held on THURSDAY instead of the normal day of the week, Wednesday.

Open Studio Class: Nature Inspired Art

Make plans now to join one of the two open studio classes during April and celebrate Earth Day by creating nature inspired art.

mini art #67 (c) lynne medsker
"mini art #67" mixed media (c) lynne medsker

We will create mixed media art that includes natural elements (rocks, driftwood, etc.) Feel free to bring your own “treasures” to include in your art, all other supplies are included. Wednesday April 11th (noon to 2:30) and Saturday April 28th (9:30 to noon) are the dates!

mixed media (c) lynne medsker
"love" mixed media (c) lynne medsker

The cost for class is $30, or if you’d like to pre-pay for three classes you can do so at a discounted rate of $75 for all three. Please email me to reserve your place as class size is limited!

mini art #25 (c) lynne medsker
"mini art #25" mixed media (c) lynne medsker

The last few classes before a summer break are:

Wednesday, April 25th – “Recycled Journals” – continuing to celebrate the earth we will create small, decorative journals from recycled materials! Noon – 2:30

Sunday, May 6th – Photo Basics! Just that, the basics on how to take good photos! Composition, lighting and other topics will be discussed, along with some practice time for in-class shooting. 2:30 – 5 pm

Wednesday, May 9th – Mixed media on Illustration Board. Make an abstract design then peel off specific areas and paint them one-by-one. A bit more “controlled” creativity makes this a bit different from our past painting classes! Noon – 2:30

Be sure and join in the fun!

Two more mandalas!

"harmony" finished image (border added) 11x15", matted to 16x20, $175 © Lynne Medsker

As promised earlier in the week, here are the two other recently completed mandalas. The more of them I did, the more colorful they became! I’ve got another in the beginning stages, I’m going to try and keep it a bit more sedate. But no promises! We’ll kick off today’s images with some progress shots of “harmony” shown at the top of the page:

"harmony" initial design on watercolor paper © Lynne Medsker
"harmony" after a wash of paint was added © Lynne Medsker

Next up? Here are a few of the steps in creating “waves of joy” – remember now, I did say it gets colorful!!

"waves of joy" initial design on watercolor paper © Lynne Medsker
"waves of joy" paint wash & splatters added © Lynne Medsker
"waves of joy" final image, (border added) 11x15" © Lynne Medsker

Would you like to learn how to create a mandala? I’ll be give instructions on how to create basic mandala designs on  (class date/time being rescheduled…check back soon!) at Gallery on the Square in Danville, Indiana from 2 to 4 p.m. The cost is only $15, why don’t you join us for some fun? If you are interested in learning but can’t make it on the 4th be sure to contact me, I can set up an alternate date for a class here in my studio!

Stay creative!