(Pardon the delayed announcement!) Day Seven’s winner is….

KATHY S.! Congratulations to you, Kathy, and enjoy selecting your artwork. Here’s what Marie R. our day two winner, selected:

4-18-12 Migration
“Migration” photo/digital artwork © Lynne Medsker

I hope you enjoyed the “Seven Day Giveaway” event, I think I’d like to do it again sometime, just not the week before Thanksgiving! 🙂

If you got to pick a free print, which one would you choose?

The Art Giveaway Ends at Midnight!

Yup…this is your LAST day to enter. Happy Thanksgiving to you…after I announce the winner tomorrow you won’t have to read about this any more. 🙂 Details on how to enter are HERE.

© Lynne Medsker

The day six winner is…well, nobody! I guess everyone was busy preparing for the holiday and forgot to enter. Don’t miss this last chance!

Today is day SIX!

Oh my! Time is running short…I do hope you’re still entering to win a free digital art print! The winner from yesterday (day five) is Sarah M. Congratulations! I hope that Sara enjoys doing some free “shopping” prior to Black Friday. 🙂

Sara was eligible to win a free print just by clicking the “Like” button on my Facebook page. Pretty simple! Why don’t you try? I’m just sure tomorrow will be YOUR lucky day!

We’ve Past Half-way!

Yup, I’m announcing the winner from day four (of seven). The competition is heating up! The lucky winner is Sofiya I. She won just by liking my Facebook Page. As it turns out she was also the 300th person to like the page!

© Lynne Medsker

Another easy way to enter is to click on the “digital+art+daily” link on the upper/right side of this page. It will take you right to my digital blog, where you can sign up to get a wonderful new digital art image in your inbox each morning. What a fantastic way to start you day – fresh art! For details about the “Seven Day Giveaway” and all the other methods of entering, visit this blog post. Good luck to you!

Three is my favorite number!

It’s so much fun to announce the third winner of the “Seven Day Giveaway” of art! As it turned out the random number selected today was also three. I knew that number rocked! Congrats to Toni S. for their winning entry.

“Reach” photo/digital art © Lynne Medsker

Wondering what they did to win? Although there are MULTIPLE ways to enter (read all about them here) this lucky winner signed up for my e-newsletter. Not too hard at all. I bet most any art-loving person could do that. 🙂 How about you? Have you entered? If so you’ve got my thanks and encouragment to try again. If not, well, whatcha waiting for? You’ve only got four days left now….I’d get it done early. Kind of like the pre-Thanksgiving shopping trip to the grocery. You don’t want to get in that big crowd that waits till the last minute. 🙂

A winner and a selection!

Congrats to Marie R., she was randomly selected to receive and 8×10 print of my digital or photo art! There are five days left for YOU to win a print. How? There are lots of ways to enter! Following the blog is one, you’ll get each blog post, in email form, delivered to your inbox so you’ll never miss one. Sweet! For details on other ways to enter (and you can enter multiple times a day) visit THIS BLOG POST.  Good luck!

The winner from day one, Sam P. chose this image for her free print:

I can’t wait to see what Marie picks! What would you choose? You can see my digital art HERE and on my other blog, digital+art+daily. Go do a little window shopping!

Day One Winner!

SO the “Seven Day Giveaway” is now underway (say that three times fast!) and we have our winner from Friday, November 16th! Sam P. won by pressing the “Like” button on my Facebook Page! Congratulations!

I can’t wait to see which digital or photo art print Sam chooses! In addition to the ones show on my webpage, there are over 300 on my digital art blog. 🙂 Happy shopping Sam! Which one would YOU choose?

“Fractal #43” digital/fractal art © 2012, Lynne Medsker