I’m back! Keeping the blog going on a regular basis seems to be my Achille’s heel this year! Thanks for sticking with me during the hits & misses.

So, back to finishing up the recycled/upcycled art pieces from last year. This piece, Ceaseless,  is mounted on an old LP.

Blog, 2013-04-25 11.38.30

Just like “Conjured” it was drawn on watercolor paper, painted on the reverse side and then the design was cut out with an x-acto knife.

After that it was mounted on the LP and details were added with ink and an old piece of jewelry was mounted in the center.

"Ceaseless" © Lynne Medsker
“Ceaseless” © Lynne Medsker


Coming up next is the last piece from my show of upcycled/recycled artwork and it’s a bit different from all the others. Stay tuned, it WILL be posted yet this week. 🙂




This piece came to fruition after creating Ceremonial and Circadian, drawing from the rolled paper and the idea of creating a clock. It came together pretty quickly after creating both of those pieces!

Blog, 2013-05-07 11.25.58

From this pile of rolled paper I decided the layout for the piece and attached them all to the LP. To make the hands of the clock portion stand out I added the painted CD.

Blog, 2013-05-24 19.24.16

This was one of my favorite LP pieces and I’m happy to say it found a good home and was purchased by a fellow artist. Here’s a picture of the finished piece:

"Continium" © Lynne Medsker
“Continium” © Lynne Medsker

One more left, then one other piece from the recycled/upcycled show last year and I can start sharing some new work and ideas!



So, yes, you guessed it. More art on old LP’s today. 🙂 This piece started just like the others:Blog, 2013-04-25 11.42.25

From that point it pretty much followed in the footsteps of “Circadian” with a mandala pattern on watercolor paper, painted, carefully cut and attached to the LP.

This piece is very bright, fun and lively!

"Conjured"  Lynne Medsker
“Conjured” Lynne Medsker

Next post will be one of the last pieces of the art on LP’s and a combination of a couple different previous ones I’ve shared. Be on the lookout!


Okay…back to catching up art from last summer’s solo show of recycled/upcycled art work! The next few posts are all about artwork that was created on 33 1/3 LP’s. One of my very first gallery showings, about ten years ago, was made up of the same thing so this isn’t new for me, just re-visited as it fit the theme.

The first step for all the pieces was to fasten wood pieces to the back so the hangers could be attached and so that they would stand out from the wall a bit when hung, giving them more dimension. It was also essential because some of them were made into clocks and there needed to be space for the mechanisms to fit. Blog, 2013-04-24 11.12.17

After that step was finished I began work on the individual pieces. Some had been spray painted and others were not. For today’s piece, Ceremonial, it had been painted  bright red. The time-consuming part of this creation was rolling all the magazine pages! From a distance many people have mistaken them for pencils. 🙂Blog, 2013-05-07 11.25.58

Once that had been done then I began playing with the layout of the piece. I had cut a piece of scrap foam core and covered it with aluminum to use as a vertical break in the piece so I arranged the magazine rolls to one side of it until I was pleased.Blog, 2013-05-27 12.28.34

Prior to attaching all the piece I colored the aluminum piece with inks to compliment the background color of the record.  Then it was time to glue the pieces down, add a few embellishments and, ta-da, finished!

"Ceremonial" © Lynne Medsker
“Ceremonial” © Lynne Medsker

More record art to follow soon!



My Blue Heaven

"My Blue Heaven" mixed media artwork on 33 1/3 album, $95 © Lynne Medsker

Earlier this week I posted about the last “Open Studio” class I held where we created artwork on old 33 1/3 albums. Since one of my students wasn’t able to attend I couldn’t resist joining in and playing a bit too. I’ve been playing with some other collage piece using old sheet music recently, so I decided to incorporate it into this artwork as well. It sure makes naming the piece easy when the music has a title! And it gave me some color inspiration as well. 🙂

work in progress © lynne medsker

This ended up having lots of cuts & layers of paper, followed by charcoal, more layers, acrylic ink and some embellishments. One of my students mentioned how it looked almost three-dimensional, that was all it took for me to make it that way! I’m not sure how well it showed up in the straight-on photo at the top of the page so I took a second one of the finished piece from the side to show the pieces that rise off of the background.

"My Blue Heaven" finished artwork, side view © Lynne Medsker

I enjoyed just making some art for the fun of it! I have a lot of fun projects I’d like to play with – along with some new commissions and artwork for upcoming shows. Trying to keep it balanced, along with the rest of life!

“Art on Record” Class Highlights

student work in progress, just beginning
student work, laying out possible designs

Creating art on 33 1/3 records last week was fun! The class was small enough I was even able to joined in and play a little. 🙂 I had a variety of records ready….several spray painted various colors and some left as they were made. Each of us picked a different type and everyone went in a different direction. I always find it fascinating to see how a group of people can all be given the same materials to choose from and yet each piece that is created is so different from the others.

student work in progress
student work in progress

We got busy chatting toward the end of class so I don’t have any images of the finished products this time. Ooops! This piece was close to finished.

Student work in progress

It’s creator is a calligrapher so she was going to design a quote or saying to attach in the center of the record. I’ll be anxious to see it when it’s complete! I’m saving the images of my piece for another post, look for it soon!

Reminder: Art on Record!

© Lynne Medsker

Don’t forget that in FIVE days the fabulously fun “Art on Record” class will be held at the studio of Lynne Medsker Art & Photography in Brownsburg, Indiana.

© Lynne Medsker

Come try your hand at creating some “round” art on a 33 1/3 album. There’s no limit to what we might explore! For more details read this blog post, to sign up  email me at info@lynnemedsker.com!  The class fee is $30, or you can sign up for two additional classes and pay a discounted rate of $75 for all three.

© Lynne Medsker
© Lynne Medsker

Whatcha waiting for? 🙂

Art on Record, coming soon!

"dream" mixed media on 33 1/3 album @ lynne medsker

Join me on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 from noon to 2:30 p.m. for “Art on Record” a creative artwork class where you’ll make art in a circle format  – using a 33 1/3 album!

"explore" mixed media on 33 1/3 album © lynne medsker
"art on record #5" mixed media on 33 1/3 album © Lynne Medsker

Currently there are four openings for this class.  Email me at info@lynnemedsker.com to join in the fun, I anticipate it will fill quickly, be sure to sign up soon!

Second day…

Greetings again, from beautiful Breckenridge, CO.  Today started off slow, I woke up with a blazing headache so I took some meds and went  back to sleep for an hour.  Still wasn’t feeling to spiffy after that but just eased into the day with a warm shower and light breakfast and after I’d be up about an hour I was feeling halfway decent.  I decided to go out and take a walk since there was some beautiful sunshine beckoning.  And the thought of a warm drink from the coffee shop was in the back of my mind too (I was sure the caffiene would help my headache…if not it was going to taste good anyhow!).  I wandered for quite a while just taking in the scenery, the people and the sights.  After the grey, snowy day yesterday it was nice to see the mountains again, even if it was just from the street!  

sunday morning mountains
sunday morning mountains
more sunday morning mountains
more sunday morning mountains

I resisted the temptation of the fresh, hot mini donuts this time (although I did inhale deeply as I walked past!) and stopped at a different coffee shop for a mocha.  Mmmmm.  I asked them where I could find some freshly baked bread and was directed down the street about 4 blocks to a french bakery.  I hadn’t ventured into that particular part of town yet so I got to check out a few new sights along the way.  I found the bakery and got me a freshly baked baguette to take back and enjoy during lunch & dinner.  I made my way back to the apartment, clocking about an hour walking time.  It felt good to get out & stretch but now I was anxious to get downstairs to the studio and make some art.  I worked on two different projects today, both using basically the same technique.  I started my first “Art on Record” project by getting an album covered in aluminum, drawing out the basic pattern & shapes and then etching in all the details.  My work would go so much faster if I could ever get away from all the tiny, intricate marks I make on each piece but for the life of me I just can’t make myself quit. 🙂  Here is a picture of the progress so far on that piece:

art on record #1, work in progress (c) Lynne Medsker
art on record #1, work in progress (c) Lynne Medsker

I also started two other pieces (perhaps they’ll end up being a diptych?) that will be positive/negative type of works.  I recently got a new handheld, freeform cutter so I tried it out cutting some curvy, organic type shapes.  It worked pretty well and only needed a little “clean up” with the xacto knife.  After I’d gotten the shapes cut out I divided them into two seperate compositions.  Here they are at that point in the process:

new mixed media pieces, step 1 - work in progress
new mixed media pieces, step 1 - work in progress

The next step was to cover each of the individual pieces with aluminum.  Lots of curves & bends makes the process and a little more difficult but I eventually got them covered and then drew the basic shapes & pattern onto each piece.   I guess I was still in “circle mode” from the record piece because I ended up with circles on these pieces too!

new mixed media pieces, phase 2 & 3, WIP
new mixed media pieces, step 2 & 3, WIP

I spent the remainder of the afternoon etching the details onto each individual piece and had that process about half finished when it was time to call it a day.  So, I know what my first step will be tomorrow, making it easy to jump in & get started.  After I get them etched I’ll decide if it’s time to do some ink work and add some color or if I want to get a few more pieces prepped before I get out the inking supplies.  I’m leaning toward inking so I can have some finished products to show visitors!  

Now it’s time to warm up some dinner to go along with the crusty loaf of french bread.  Bon Appétit!


Art on Record, Vol. 2

I have decided to participate in the “Art on Record exhibition, Vol. 2” at the APW Gallery in New York.  The show will feature the walls of the gallery covered in artwork, all created on old albums.  I did a series of art on albums a few years ago and had a lot of fun with it.  Here are a couple samples:

explore mixed media on album (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker
"explore" mixed media on album (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker
symbols mixed media on album (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker
"symbols" mixed media on album (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker
caged mixed media on album (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker
"caged" mixed media on album (c) 2006, Lynne Medsker

This sounded like a fun project to work on and I still had several blank albums so I am set to go. Plus it ties in with other “recycled” art projects I am working/planning on!  The show runs from May 1st to May 25th, 2009.

I will probably take the blank records with me to Colorado and create the art there then ship them directly to the gallery in New York.  A few less pieces of art I’ll have to transport back home when I finished with my stay!  I am a bit torn about creating art while I am there.  Right now I am feeling the urge to work LARGE and create some big, beautiful pieces of work but getting the supplies and finished work back & forth is quite a challenge and smaller pieces would be more managable (and less expensive) to transport.  I guess I will have to determine how important BIG is to me now!  A compromise may be to get the smaller individual elements created for the larger pieces then wait until I am back home to actually assemble them.  So much to think about…