Okay, perhaps that title applies to me at times…I most certainly would rather be in the studio (or pretty much anywhere) creating art than doing domestic chores! But this post is about some animal art I’ve been creating lately. I’ve had a blast with the Digital Pet Portraits but it’s also fun just to branch out and make artwork just for the sake of making it. Pure pleasure, if you will. These are some of the new “wildlife” images I’ve created during the winter months:

If they aren’t on the website yet, they will be soon. I’ve got a list of other animals I’d like to do soon but it seems like there are always more ideas than time to execute them! We will see what happens!

With love from your randomly creative friend,


Primitive, Cybernated and Refined

I’ve spent much of the last few days putting the finishing touches on artwork for “Mixed Well and Served Fresh” that opens tomorrow. I’ll be taking the pieces to the gallery to hang them this afternoon. As always I have a mixture of styles and media I’ll be displaying!

primitive gestures series, work in progress, eclipse © lynne medsker

My most recent work (as in the paint was drying late last night on a few pieces!) turned into a small series that  I’m calling “Primitive Gestures”. Each piece originated with concrete on wood panels, applied by hand, with lots of symbols, marks and texture. Topped off with layers of color and glaze, my inspiration for these pieces were the primitive cave and rock drawings made by our long-past ancestors. Even then, with their rudimentary tools, people had the urge to create, communicate and share their life through art. Some of the markings I used on these works were from books that I’ve read about the rock drawings and some were just from my imagination. I really enjoyed getting my hands into these pieces, there isn’t a texture or color on any of them that I didn’t touch!

"fractal #30" digital art, 2012 © lynne medsker

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I am also displaying many pieces of newly created digital artwork. Those pieces, during the creative and production process, I did not touch at all until I signed my name on them! Although perhaps not as sensory to the touch they are a wonderful experience for the eyes with vivid colors and movement through each piece. Making digital art is fun for my brain, my imagination gets a workout!

"plummet" mixed media in shadow box frame © lynne medsker

Another type of art I’ll be sharing at the show are mixed media compositions that are framed in shadow boxes. More refined that the primitive pieces and a bit more personal and hands-on than digital, I like the puzzle-solving aspect of adding and subtracting different elements to achieve a pleasing composition. I’ve created many pieces in this style for both businesses and homes, they are a wonderful addition to your personal collect for your office.

So there is a mini preview of some of the artwork that will be included in the show. More “sneak peek” posts coming soon! I hope to see you at the opening tomorrow (Saturday, March 3rd) from 2 to 5 p.m. to share other new works with you.


New Prints Ready For Your Bids!

Don’t forget that the new Prints 4 Non-Profits online auction page is up & running as of this morning! Stop in and view the seven prints that are available this week. Place your bid, expand (or even start!) your art collection and help a good cause. What a perfect way to start the week! Or end it…the auction runs until Saturday at midnight.  Here’s a sneak peek at just one of the prints available:

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