Backbeat #4

A few years ago I created a three-piece artwork entitled “Backbeat”. This spring it was purchased by one of my collectors, with the request that I also create a forth piece to add to the set. I was more than happy to oblige, and the work began.

background © Lynne Medsker
background for new piece © Lynne Medsker

Next came a layer of sewing patterns to add some detail and guidelines for painting.

A layer of sewing patterns added to the background © Lynne Medsker
A layer of sewing patterns added to the background © Lynne Medsker


That was followed by some drippy layers of acrylic ink.


After those layers dried it was time to start adding some geometric patterns with charcoal.

The piece was sealed and then the detail painting began.

Following the painting was adding the dimensional details – including old records & CD’s plus a few acrylic shapes too. Voila! Finished.

"Backbeat #4" mixed media on 24x36" wood panel © Lynne Medsker
“Backbeat #4″ mixed media on 24×36” wood panel © Lynne Medsker

I really enjoy creating art in this style. Since finishing this piece I’ve covered some new wood panels with background, just waiting for me to get to them. Soon? I hope!



"Backbeat" mixed media on three 24x36" wood panels, $495 each/$1195 set © lynne medsker

It seems I’ve got a bit of a musical theme going on lately in my artwork! After creating “Music in Motion” my next project, shown above, was titled “Backbeat”. Created on three 24×36″ wood panels, it includes multiple layers of paper, paint and miscellaneous objects. I was blessed with a multi-day stretch of time to work on these pieces non-stop so it seemed like they came together quickly. I’m going to show several images of the pieces as they progressed so you can get an idea of the process:

panels, covered with papers & sheet music @ lynne medsker
sewing pattern added on top of paper layer © lynne medsker
beginning to add 1st layer of watercolor © lynne medsker
2nd full layer of watercolor © lynne medsker
3rd layer of watercolor © lynne medsker
all three panels with watercolor layers added © lynne medsker
adding circular design with charcoal © lynne medsker
close-up of detail painting © lynne medsker
acrylic detail painting finished © lynne medsker
detail painting finished on all three panels © lynne medsker

The last step was to add some dimensional pieces to each panel, all circular, using painted 33 1/3 albums & CD’s, 45 records and plexiglass pieces.

finished panel © lynne medsker

These pieces are currently on display at Artistic Designs Gallery in Brownsburg, Indiana – drop in a see them in person, photos don’t do them justice!