"believe" mixed media wall sculpture, 16x16" $195 © lynne medsker

Featuring another new mixed media wall sculpture! This is the first wall sculpture I completed during my time at Blueberry View Artist Retreat. The circular piece in the background is an old 33 1/3 LP, covered in aluminum and colored with inks. Added to that are some cut-out shapes, also covered in aluminum, that were colored ink a similar color scheme.

"believe" work in progress, image 1 © lynne medsker
"believe" work in progress, image 2 © lynne medsker
"believe" work in progress, image 3 © lynne medsker

The bright blue portion of the sculpture was painted with acrylic on a wood cut-out that was cut with a scroll saw. It was one piece from a large “stash” of cut-outs I had with me.  After the main portion was assembled it was just a matter of choosing some smaller accent pieces and arrange them. One of my goals during the retreat was to include more words, texts, quotes, etc. in my artwork. When I found the “believe” piece in one of my boxes of “treasures” it just seemed to fit perfectly. The final piece I added was the twisted aluminum wire. I like the motion it adds to the composition.