Last year, as I was preparing for a show of my mixed media batik art, I was also spending lots of time with my grandkids. Trying to mix the two I did many of the drawing layers of the art while they were busy coloring and drawing at the kitchen table with me. As often happens I got requests – “Gramsy, can you draw a fish? Gramsy, what about a bird? Maybe some flowers?” as those drawings began to unfold I unintentionally created a trove of tiny art pieces inspired by the requests! The original pieces were all small – mounted on 4×4″ wood panels when completed. Some just seemed to need a bit more space so 6×6, 6×12 and 8×8″ pieces were added to the mixture over the months.

Above: Batik art on paper in progress – drawing/coloring stage Below: Finished 4×4″ pieces
Display of multiple 4×4″ pieces

As I continued to create these whimsical pieces I also began adding text and quotes to them. The ones shown below are all 6×6″ pieces on wood panels.

These creations fell right into my art motto of “Happy Art for Happy People”! Many of the pieces that feature flowers, nature, gardens, etc. are now available at Queen Anne’s Farmhouse & Flower Shoppe located in Greenwood, Indiana. You can also find a few of my handmade journals there too! Hmmmm….journals. I’m not sure I’ve blogged about those yet. Perhaps next post?


Put a bird on it!

I’ve seen this phrase a lot lately, even as a show title. As it ended up, the mixed media wall sculpture class held here at my studio on March 14th really took it to heart! None of the participants set out to have birds on their artwork but, by the time we were through, everyone did!

Our first order of business was to pick out a shape for the background. That led into selecting lots of different size/shape pieces of wood/items and working on a possible layout prior to painting & construction.

student layout
student layout idea, mixed media wall sculpture class

student layout
possible layout for mixed media wall sculpture, student work

With an idea of the direction they wanted to go in the background painting began, followed by painting & detailing the smaller pieces that might be used. It was a lovely, sunny day so we were able to go outside for the painting process and enjoy the weather!

background painting
student work, background painting

background, student work
painting a background, student work

While sorting through the supplies I found some pieces that I worked on last year and decided to pull them out and create with the others this time. 🙂 After the paint dried then the assembly began.

assembly, student work
student work, assembly process

bird close-up
bird close-up, student work

Here are the finished pieces….do you see the birds?

finished student work
finished student work, drying

finished student work
finished student work, drying

finished wall sculpture © lynne medsker
finished wall sculpture © lynne medsker