Tutorial: Adding an “Interest List” on Facebook

So this morning I woke to find this message appearing on my Facebook feed from several different sources. Perhaps you did too?

Although it lists the steps to do this I always find it easier to learn things visually. If you are a visual learning (or just need a bit of help getting through these steps) I’ve taken some screen shots of the process and added a few notes on how to create and add pages to your “Interest Lists”. Please note that this only works on your personal profile and you can only add business pages, if you have a business page there is currently not a way to create these lists there.

First things first, you have to have already clicked “LIKE” for the page(s) you’d like to add. You can follow these steps on my business page by clicking here: www.facebook.com/lynnemedskerart – the page will pop up in a new window so you can go back & forth between this tutorial and my page easily. Remember the first step is to click “Like” if you haven’t already done so. (Surely you have!)

There are two different ways that you can access the controls to add a page to you list. First you can go directly to that page (like you did in the step above to access my page), you’ll get a full screen of the page and can locate the “Like” button at the top/right of the page, under the header image. If you already have “Liked” the page you can also access it through your own page by going to your personal page and clicking on your “Likes’ list. It may be one of the boxes under your header image or you may have to use the drop down menu to find it. Here’s an image of my personal page (yes, I am that goofy) with the “Likes” circled (the drop down menu is right next to it):

(click image to see larger version)

After you’ve either location your “Likes” page or gone to the actual page you’d like to add you will need to hover your mouse over the “Liked” box to access the options that will let you add the page, just hold your “pointer” over that box for a moment and wait for the options to pop up on the screen.

(click image to see larger version)

Here is an image of how the drop down menu should look after you hover over it:

(click image to see larger version)

You will click on the option that says “Add to Interest List”.  Once you have clicked on “Add to Interest List” option another drop down menu will appear with options for which list you’d like to add it to. In the image below I’ve created a list of local artists and art organizations that I have added pages too. (You can have multiple lists, with each being a different topic.)

(click image to see larger version)

The first time that you add a page it will give you the opportunity to create a list, you can see the “+ New List” option underneath the list I had already created (to add additional lists/categories  you would click that option as well). Once you’ve clicked on it  you will be asked for a title for the list  so choose one and then type it in the box.

Congratulations! You’ve started your first Interest List! Now just follow the same steps to add any other pages that interest you. Be sure to select the list on your home page from time-to-time to make sure you’re getting all the latest from the pages you like! You can find it in the left hand column of when you are on your home page:

Thanks for reading my blog and for your “Likes” on Facebook, I appreciate you support & interest!


Focus on photography

Well, it’s been over a week since I last wrote, and I missed Wednesday after noticing that was my day of choice for blogging.  Inconsistency is my middle name.  🙂 Life is busy right now!  Between continuing to care for my husband and a surge in photography work I feel like I don’t have a minute to spare.  His recuperation is going along quite well, another trip to the doctor in a few days and we may be able to declare it a success!  Wonderful news indeed.

I don’t know what happens around the middle of July but for some reason each year I get a huge surge of photography work.  Generally the bulk of it is from high school seniors wanting to get their portraits out of the way prior to returning to school.  I’ve also had a few of my corporate clients requesting work at the same time, it seems I’m either shooting or editing photos all the time right now.  It is an odd business as far as the ebb & flow of customers and work but after eight years I am starting to get a feel for the pattern it takes and try to weave that in with, around and in between my artistic pursuits and daily activities.  Right now I’ve got three shoots that are edited and ready to deliver, another four that I’ve taken and still need to edit and three more shoots scheduled for the next week.  The August calendar is filling in as well.  I enjoy the summer schedule when I can shoot during daytime hours during the week, once school starts I end up with a lot more evening and weekend work and the schedule gets a little tighter.  Late fall always brings a surge in family photo sessions, everyone wanting to have them done for Christmas.  By January I will be sitting here wondering when in the world I will ever get another customer so I will take advantage of it while I can! 

Along with my paid photo gigs I finished a personal photo project this week.  Our youngest grandson loves to read books and look at pictures and is that stage where he is learning, growing and soaking things up like a little sponge.  He’s quite vocal and is, more and more, beginning to say things that we are able to understand.  Along with some sign language he’s pretty effective at getting his point across!  I couldn’t help but think how much he would enjoy a book about himself, his family & loved ones.  So I culled through all the photos I have taken that last year and a half and printed out pages for a album that are all about him.  He must look at it 10 times a day, pointing to his favorite pictures, saying names and pointing out activities he enjoys.  It’s been quite the hit! I also discovered that I didn’t have any photos of he & I together!  I had to do one of those “self portraits” of us holding my little point & shoot so I could be included in his book.  I think most people that are the designated family/group photographer, like myself, take on the job to avoid having our own photos taken.   At least that was always part of my motivaton. 🙂 I am going to work on including myself in some photos from now on, I don’t want my family to look back through our photo albums and not find any evidence of me!

Tomorrow our oldest grandson will arrive for a week long visit.  He lives in Tenneessee with his mother so our visits aren’t nearly as frequent as we would like.  Generally he is here for a week or so in the summer, again at Christmas and occasionally during spring break.  We have a great time playing games, going to the movies, playing more games, playing putt-putt or bowling, playing even more games and just hanging out together.  When you add his visit to the already busy schedule and I am sure I will be ready for a day off very soon!  I’ve been looking at resorts & spas online, dreaming of a little bit of pampering.  Just thinking of it is enough to help me relax and say “aaahhhh!”.  The last week of August is a week-long break for my daughter’s college, which is a week-long break from babysitting duties for grandma as well!  I am plotting on what I might be able to do during some of that time, I am anxious to go somewhere and recharge my batteries.  Even though it’s a month away just knowing that it’s coming helps!

I hope each of you are continuing to enjoy the summer months, they will be gone sooner than we think…time passes so quickly.