More portrait fun!

So my latest endeavor has been making creative/colorful/fun portraits of my grandkids. Today I’ll share the process and finished images of two of them – our oldest grands – who happen to be siblings. I haven’t been creating in chronological order exactly but thought I might share them that way anyhow!

I’ve found it a much different process to create female vs. male portraits, although I’m not exactly sure why. It’s not the facial structure so much, although that does differs, but I think maybe with the added color/highlights on their faces I tend to be more sparse with the splashes of color when creating a girl vs. feeling bolder with a guy? Or perhaps since we have five granddaughters and only two grandsons I’m just not getting as much practice on the guys? Not really sure! Here are some of the progress images of our oldest grandson:

I fall in & out of love several times during the process and, at least once, want to chuck it and forget trying but after several of them I’m realizing that’s part of my process. I struggled with the shape & proportions a lot during the first three or four of these but it’s gotten easier. Is that why they always say “practice, practice, practice”? Here is the finished image of his painting:

The work on my oldest granddaughter’s image went through the same process, there were times it just looked horrid but, in the end, I finally loved it. Here are some progress images:

I hope that sharing these rough images I will encourage you to not give up on your artwork, even if you feel like it’s not going well at all! Keep persevering! (Although I did paint completely over one piece so that’s also an option – do overs are always allowed!) Here is the final image:

As far as media I used graphite for the sketch, lots of acrylic paint, stencils for the backgrounds and a generous amount of acrylic paint pens as well. These are all on 9×12″ canvases…once I’ve done them all I am going to hang them all up together and have a “grandkid gallery” to enjoy!

I hope you are enjoying your creative time! With love,


Soul Searching

“Soul Searching #3″ 12×12” mixed media painting on canvas

After neglecting my blog for the better part of a year it’s more than a bit intimidating trying to figure out what to jump back in with! I’m fairly prolific so the choices are numerous and with several shows and exhibits last year that is probably an understatement. I finally decided to just start writing about what is currently dear to my heart, a series I titled “Intuitive Abandon”. Then, within that body of work, I found these pieces, aptly titled and begging to be shared. Perfect!

Something that’s been on my heart for several years is the desire to merge both my art and my faith, to feel like my work is more inspired and led than just merely decorative. I can kind of put it in “auto-drive” and make art that is pleasing to look at but when asked what it means, well, nothing really. I tried just referring to it as “Happy Art” (which it is) because so many people commented on the colorful and happy content. That, in and of itself, isn’t a terrible thing – I am a fan of happiness and if I can give others joy with my art that’s pretty darn cool. But I wasn’t satisfied with just that anymore.

“Soul Searching #2″ 12×12” mixed media painting on canvas

Enter my favorite, most “mountain top” experience each year called “Gathering of Artisans“. 2018 was my third year in a row to attend/participate in this event and I cannot recommend it highly enough! And, yes, although I’d classify it as a mountain-top experience no matter where it is held, it happens to actually be held in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Each year I’ve attended I’ve grown and deepened my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. In addition to the most powerful worship I have ever experienced, 2018 led me to classes by two different instructors, Aeron Brown & Amy Smith, both of whom had an amazing influence on my artistic and spiritual path. I finally feel like I am stepping into my desire of combining my faith with my artistic expression.

These newest explorations are full of freedom, mark making and lively conversation. After some prayerful quiet & meditation these pieces start with mark making – my thoughts, prayers, song lyrics, text randomly scribbled with charcoal/pencil/graphite on the canvas/paper/wood substrate. In the case of these pieces, 12×12″ canvas. From that place I try to listen quietly until I get a feel for the initial colors. Once the painting, scraping, stamping and marking begins I try to not think at all! Often I get so lost in the process that, unless I stop to take progress pictures, I have no idea how I got from point A to point B. The freedom to create this way is so very freeing.

Currently I have close to 40 pieces created in this manner – on canvas, wood and paper. They even inspired another artistic endeavor! I’ll be sharing more as I continue to blog but if you just can’t wait to see them you can CLICK HERE to visit the web page where they are featured.

Until next time…blessings & love,



This project has been underway since warm weather (some of the layers were applied outside on a warm, sunny day) but got it’s finish during a chilly winter day. I flip back and forth thinking it feels like a clear blue sky on a sunny day or an icy blue, cold day.

"Aqueous" acrylic on textured canvas, 48 x 36", $995 © Lynne Medsker
“Aqueous” acrylic on textured canvas, 48 x 36″, $995 © Lynne Medsker

It was one of the large canvases that I had textures and painted white last fall, waiting for inspiration to take over.

20+ canvases/wood panels, textured, painted white and waiting...
20+ canvases/wood panels, textured, painted white and waiting…

I will say that originally stash of canvases is dwindling, which makes me happy! I knew that I wanted this piece to be shades of blue, specifically to hang in my living room. I hang my art in the living room, along with the pieces I’ve been able to acquire from other artists, but I’ve never really created a piece just for my own home. It really hadn’t occurred to me! So I decided I’d “commission” myself to make a large piece using certain shades of blues. What fun! I started with a layer of blue and went from there:

Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker
Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker

web, wip 2
Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker

Well, THAT wasn’t what I was after! More blue to the rescue! I think it was along in this stage that I moved outdoors and things really began to happen.

Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker
Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker

Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker
Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker

I gave up brushes and went straight to using my (glove covered) fingers and hands, swirling the paints and acrylic inks around, blending the colors and literally “going with the flow” of the paint. Aaaah, yes!!web, wip 5

Here’s where that days work finished.

I loved the circular forms and way the colors transitioned from light to dark but felt like it still needed a bit more contrast. So I turned to some splashes of white.web, wip 6

Ack! Too much, too much! Back to the blues, more swirls, more colors flowing and I finally got the darks and lights that I wanted. This is a close-up from part of the finished canvas:

web, wip, finished detail

This really shows the texture that lays under all the color, it’s such a tactile piece you can’t help but run your hands over it!

Works in progress from Michigan


As I type this I am sitting in a 300 square foot studio space near Lake Michigan. I arrived on Sunday and am delighting in the time and space to just be creative without distractions. I’m (hopefully) attaching an image of a couple canvas pieces I started yesterday. Primarily I’ve been working on constructing mixed media but the canvas has been a fun side project to play with as other work dries. I will post some progress images from time to time but my access to the internet is via my phone so its a bit of a process to accomplish. I also scheduled periodic posts to appear while I am away. I am so thankful to be here, to my hosts and to my husband for being “in charge” of the home and family while I am away!

New artwork…

Omnivagus mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 24x36
"Omnivagus" mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 24x36"

I am posting images of some recently created images.  The requirement for the 2nd Anniversary show for Broad Ripple Art & Design was ‘bright’ work.  After surveying what art I had available to hang there was not much brightness to be had!  The pieces that might have qualified were still hanging in the gallery in Tennessee.  I had one piece (shown below – Topiarius) that was made during one of last month’s painting sessions with my artist-friend Shadow. It was the first piece I selected to put in the show. 

Topiarius mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 12x36
"Topiarius" mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 12x36"

After that I couldn’t seem to find anything else that pleased me. What a perfect excuse to get out some canvas and create a few new pieces!  As it turned out I did not teach the nature-based art classes last week due to the local schools being on fall break. The timing was wonderful and allowed me some free time for creativity that I haven’t had recently.   

Dissipo mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 20x16
"Dissipo" mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 20x16"

These all started with a layer of paper, glue, clear acrylic gel or some combination of those items to get a very texture surface.  After that it was time to play with layers and layers of paint.  It seems that lately I can’t paint without getting my hands & fingers into and using them as my “brush” as much as (or more than) I use an actual brush! 

Fluito mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 15x30
"Fluito" mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 15x30"

I tried to finish these outside and enjoy the last few days of fall but after one day of my fingers aching from the cold I moved indoors.  Unless there is a drastic improvement in the weather I am afraid my outdoor painting days are finished until spring.  What a pity, I so enjoy being creative outside!  Being able to drip, squirt, splatter and generally just fling paint around without worry is very freeing and, in addition to just enjoying the freedom, I like the effect it has on the outcome of my art as well.  Perhaps I need to fire up a heater in the garage, put a drop cloth on the floor and try to duplicate the feeling indoors!

Arcus mixed media/acrylic diptych on canvas, each 12x12
"Arcus" mixed media/acrylic diptych on canvas, each 12x12"