Commissioned Work: Turquoise Topography

So I thought I’d finish off this week with some commissioned work that I completed in February.

finished work, turquoise topography © lynne medsker
"turquoise topography" 1 & 2, commissioned artwork, mixed media on wood panels, 20x20" each

The color scheme and media were based off of a piece I’d made a few years ago, “Lacrimo”.

"lacrimo" mixed media on wood panel, 20x20" $375 © lynne medsker

Since the client wanted two pieces I knew I’d get a better continuity between them by creating two at once instead of trying to match the single piece I’d created two years ago. Beginning with layers of concrete applied by hand to the wood panels, I made texture & designs on each panel, as well as drops and bumps of concrete across the surface as well.

work in progress image, lynne medsker
work in progress image, concrete of wood panel © lynne medsker
work in progress image 2
work in progress, first layers of acrylic © lynne medsker

Once dried that layer was sealed and then I began the layering process with thin layers of acrylic. Adding more neutral colored layers followed by bright colors I built up the design on the concrete bit by bit.

work in progress image 3
work in progress, additional layers of color on wood panels © lynne medsker
work in progress, image 4
work in progress, brighter colors on top of the neutral background © lynne medsker

Eventually it was time for the finishing layers, more sealer and to choose a direction for them to hang.

work in progress, image 5
finishing touches of color © lynne medsker

It was actually the clients idea to hang them at an angle, they look great that way! I really enjoyed being able to create these pieces, what would you like me to create for you?

Commissioned Work, Roundabout

This piece of art took some twists & turns from it’s inception to completion, but ultimately it was a happy ending with the clients excited about it as well as myself.

"roundabout" finished work, installed
"roundabout" mixed media, 33x60", installed in clients home © lynne medsker

This was a fairly large piece of art, at least in my realm of creations, and was based on the composition of a smaller piece. Translating from small to large was a bit more of a challenge than I anticipated! One of the first pieces I made was the multi-colored, metallic strip that goes down the left side. Just for fun I created a composite image of how the color of the aluminum changes with each application of ink:

aluminum color steps © lynne medsker
aluminum coloring step-by-step © lynne medsker

Here’s another couple images of the work-in-progress, fairly far along:

roundabout, in progress © lynne medsker
work in progress, "roundabout" © lynne medsker
"roundabout" work in progress © lynne medsker
work in progress, "Roundabout" © lynne medsker

There were a few more layers of color/texture added to the background before it was framed and ready to hang. It was hung at the end of a hallway in my clients home, and made a great focal point!

"roundabout" install © lynne medsker
"Roundabout" installed © Lynne Medsker

Wall Sculpture #35

What do you do when you have a client that is interested in your work but this piece is too big?

wall sculpture #30 © medsker metal art

And this piece is too small?

wall sculpture #23 © medsker metal art

And they really like aspects of both pieces?

You create a custom piece, just for them, of course!

commissioned artwork, wall sculpture #35 © medsker metal art

We’d love to create a piece for YOU, too!

Commissioned Work: Music in Motion

"music in motion" mixed media commissioned artwork (shown installed) © lynne medsker

Created for a music room this piece was great fun to create! My client shared some guitar parts, picks, etc. and then just let me run away with it. Woo hoo! I began by putting a layer of sheet music all over the 36×24″ wood panel. That was followed by a layer of watercolor with strings, yarn and webbing stretched though it.

work in progress, music in motion © lynne medsker

Once that layer was dry the texture items were removed and the layer was sealed. On went more layers of water color until there was a nice colorful background to create the rest of the piece on.

work in progress, music in motion © lynne medsker

I added a wash of metallic paint for shimmer and some random white stripe-like areas and then it was time to really have some fun!

work in progress, music in motion © lynne medsker

Keeping in the theme of music I painted and assembled a 33 1/3 album, a 78 rpm album, a 45 record and a CD on a large bolt and attached a tuning knob to the top.

work in progress, music in motion © lynne medsker

Using washers and spacers between these pieces and the background allows it to be spun around by hand! Above that I attached guitar strings together and then curved them through the piece and attached them at different points to tuning keys.

work in progress, music in motion © lynne medsker

Some embellishments, including the guitar picks going down the right side, were added and it was done! The completed image (shown at the top of the page) was taken in my clients music room. It looks awesome against the burgundy colored wall!

Have you ever thoughts of commissioning a piece of work? It can be a fun & rewarding process and you’ll have something custom made for  your home or office and your own personal style. Here’s what Aaron & Amy said about creating this piece:

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate on an art piece with artist, Lynne Medsker. I described to Lynne that I was looking to have a piece to hang in the wall of my music room. I brought her some guitar pieces, (strings, tuner knobs, etc.) and we brainstormed on the colors and what to include in the art piece.

Lynne listened to my ideas and came up with something much better than I could have imagined! Her creativity is amazing and I love the picture she created. It is truly the most unique work of art I have ever owned!

If you are looking for something incredibly unique, beautiful and of great quality, I would definitely reccommend collaberating with or commissioning a piece by Lynne.
Thank you, Lynne!

So, what do you want to create?


Commissioned work in progress

I’ve not tended to the blog the last week because I’ve been busy working on a new commissioned project. Sorry for the light amount of posts! I thought today I’d share a few images of what I’m working on, at least enough to tease your imagination. The overall piece is going to be 33″x60″ and will be framed in a deep shadow box. Using aluminum, copper, slate, tiles and other assorted goodies I’ll be composing this piece over the next few days. Here’s what I’ve got images of so far:

step-by-step image of ink colored aluminum © lynne medsker
scrap copper piece

This is one of the scrap pieces of copper I’ll be incorporating into the design. I wanted to liven it up some a bit I got out my heat gun and began to heat it up, getting some nice color changes.

scrap copper after being heated

This image shows all three of the copper pieces after they’d been through the heating process.

three pieces of copper

Have I got you curious yet? I’ll post more updates as things progress.