Oh Happy Day!

new supplies! (c) Lynne Medsker

I can’t speak for other artists but I can say that, for me, seeing the FedEx or UPS truck pull up to the house with a delivery of fresh art supplies is one of my happy moments. Oh, the possibilities that lie within the protective layers of cardboard. The smell of fresh paint, the texture of paper, canvas or wood surfaces to create upon…mmmm, heavenly! As I’m always exploring new mediums and techniques often there are undiscovered avenue waiting within these boxes of fun. Maybe a new tool, new media, new surface…I love the anticipation that comes with opening each box, unwrapping each item and finding its proper place in the studio.  Some don’t even make it to their assigned spot but go directly on the work table. 🙂

The overwhelming thing that the process reminds me of? Being a child again, sorting and packing treasured school supplies for the first day of school…especially that precious new box of crayons all shiny, with their wrappers intact, smelling all wondrously waxy and looking glorious in their unbroken newness. A new beginning, a fresh start, all compliments of Crayola.  Most years it was the box of 16 which was an improvement over the standard eight colors. If you were lucky enough to get the box of 64 colors with the built-in sharpener in the back of the box? Wow, you were the envy of your classmates!

What are the happy moments in your life? Do you notice and treasure them?

Wishing you all 64 colors & more,