Odds & Ends

Wrapping up the digital drawing/sketching I’ve ended up with a group that doesn’t have a particular theme, but I wanted to share them anyhow. So here you go:

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my explorations in digital art. I’ve also been experimenting with plaster! Remember what my word for 2013 is, right?

Ode to Nature

It seems a lot of my recent work includes these twisting, turning, swirling leaves/blades of grass/vine-type organic shapes!  Remember “Dormant No More”?  They are just what flows out of me right now. Here are three digital drawings that all have that type of “feel” to them…

I’d almost guarantee that you’ll see more that are similar in style! I’ve also been more than a bit obsessed with drawing/creating trees. Perhaps it’s indicitave of growth?  I don’t even know why I do what I do…I just do it.



Seeing Red

Moving from the black & white images from my previous post I seem to be in the mood for red quite a bit lately. I love how it just pops off the page when used with black, white & grey. These images were all created with the same program but on different computers and will different tools. Can you tell which one I used my finger to “paint” with? 🙂 Hey, a finger is a built in tool, let alone the least expensive!

Be sure to “click” on these images to see the full version! Next post? I’m changing it up a bit and sharing the beginnings of a new photo/digital series of work! Then back to more digital drawings, with even MORE colors. 🙂 I do have to say that these have also inspired me to do more “real” drawing and sketching as well, but we’ll catch up on that down the road a bit.

Later gator!


It seems I’ve been doing as much (or more!) digital art explorations than anything else the last month or so. I decided I better start sharing some or I’ll never get caught up! Please do remember, these are part of my learning curve with new media and tools…some I am really excited about, others not so much….but they are all part of making progress. 🙂 Today I am sharing some of the black & white sketches I’ve done:

If you enjoy color don’t worry, there will be lots of it in upcoming posts!