Rocks on my brain

It seems like the prep and creativity for the new show in November centered around rocks! I’ve had a blast exploring on the different ways they can be painted, colored and incorporated into artwork. Here are a few images of my explorations, I’ve left a pencil in the photo of several to give you a gauge of the sizes.
painted stones © Lynne Medsker
Painted stones © Lynne Medsker

Painted stones © Lynne Medsker

mandala painted stone © Lynne Medsker

Painted stones © Lynne Medsker

blog, stones with ink © Lynne Medsker

blog, stones, detailed © Lynne Medsker

blog stones, copper and black © Lynne Medsker

blog, watercolor stones © Lynne Medsker

How I’m incorporating these into my artwork? Aaaah, well, you’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂  In the meantime I can tell you that, after some requests, I’ll be scheduling a couple of workshop in the next month or two so YOU can create your own art on stones. Look for those to be posted soon!



I’ve been enjoying the process of drawing, shading & coloring artwork on paper lately. This is another newly finished piece in that genre!

"Spin" mixed media (marker, graphite, charcoal, ink) on hand-colored paper, 9x12" $175 (unframed)  © 2013, Lynne Medsker
“Spin” mixed media (marker, graphite, charcoal, ink) on hand-colored paper, 9×12″ $175 (unframed) © 2013, Lynne Medsker

I used some of the “marbled” paper from the shaving cream explorations as a background and began adding designs on top of that.  From there it was just pattern after pattern, followed by color and more color!

As you can tell I originally planned for it to be a horizontal image but once it was complete I ended up prefering it vertical. Of course I can’t complain very much about the time & hard work on this one as I did most of it while relaxing on a short get-away trip.

wip, spin 4

Something about making art by the pool is even more satisfying than making it in the studio!