Ode to Nature

It seems a lot of my recent work includes these twisting, turning, swirling leaves/blades of grass/vine-type organic shapes!  Remember “Dormant No More”?  They are just what flows out of me right now. Here are three digital drawings that all have that type of “feel” to them…

I’d almost guarantee that you’ll see more that are similar in style! I’ve also been more than a bit obsessed with drawing/creating trees. Perhaps it’s indicitave of growth?  I don’t even know why I do what I do…I just do it.



Pencil Madness!

Thanks to a Facebook friend I’ve found another way to waste, um…spend…well, use my creative time while being online. The site is called Pencil Madness (click the name to go to the page!) and it is FUN! And also slightly amazing when you see some of the art that people are able to make with it. As much as I liked looking at the sketches I loved getting in there and playing with the program. This is one of the images I created while playing the other day:

"the lake by the mountains" created at Pencil Madness.com

I got carried away with the dark green, it probably looked better a few stages earlier than this but I was having fun with the different brushes and colors so what the heck! Anyhow, just thought I’d share. Let me know if you give it try!

Happy drawing,