Words and Intent

I know many people make their resolutions this time of year but I’ve never been a fan of them. Why set myself up in a situation than often ends in failure?! I had read a year or two ago that some people choose a word to focus on for the upcoming year and I really like that idea instead. This year I ended up with two words and, since I don’t think there are any hard & fast rules to these sort of thing, I’m using them both. My mind has been whirling at an even faster pace the last few days (something I don’t really appreciate as I lay awake at night listening to it) and for some reason I am really excited about the possibilities for the upcoming year. I’m also in one of those moods where I want to move all the furniture around the house, re-do my studio (I’ve actually started that process already) and the BIG thing I really want to create this year is a HAVEN. Not to say that I don’t have a comfortable home I just have times that I want to escape. As I’m not independently wealthy at this time I can’t just up and travel at the drop of a hat. But I still have that yearning to go somewhere and be alone. So, HAVEN was one of the words I chose. I had fun thinking of words that describe what I am seeking, then I used the “Wordle” program and created this image:wordle, haven

At the bare minimum the spot I’m thinking of creating my haven in could stand a fresh coat of paint. There are lots of other ideas dancing in my head but that will be the first step. I’ll keep you posted through out the year as I begin the process of bringing this desire into reality! Curious about the other word I’ve selected for 2013? I’m saving that for the next post. 🙂

What word (or words) would you choose to focus on during the new year?

Finished Escape!

"escape" mixed media mandala artwork, 22x28" $240 © 2011, Lynne Medsker

A few weeks ago I posted an image of a new mandala that was “in progress”. Finally it is FINISHED! There were some hand-cramps involved with this one,  I believe it was the hundreds of tiny bubbles that I decided to fill in with white ink. Yikes! I doubt I’ll tackle too many pieces this large again. 🙂

Here are some of the steps leading up to the finished image:

work in progress, beginning design © lynne medsker
ink outline, almost complete © lynne medsker
watercolor added (still wet!) © lynne medsker
detail of finished artwork © lynne medsker

I’ve got a few other mandalas in progress and also revisited creating them digitally but have sort of switched gears back into mixed media on canvas, as well as some wall sculpture work. I’ll post the digital creation soon and should have images of the new mixed media work too. It feels good to be creating again!