Film Fun: Supersampler!

Last week I shared images taken with my little fisheye camera, today I wanted to show you what the “Supersampler”can do! Another fun toy for just getting loose and playing this camera has four small lenses and the final image ends up with the frame divided into four little slices of the action.

supersample, running © lynne medsker
“running” taken on film with supersampler camera © lynne medsker

I played with it a few weeks ago and really liked the shots with people best – the landscapes didn’t do anything for me at all. Of course the only “people” I had to take photos of at the time were my grandson so he’s featured in yet another post!

tire swing © lynne medsker
twirling on the tire swing, taken with supersampler camera © lynne medsker

You have to pretty much let go of any kind of control with this camera – it doesn’t even have a viewfinder!

swinging © lynne medsker
swinging, taken on supersampler camera (changed to B&W digitally) © Lynne Medsker

What it does have is a fun little pull cord to ready to camera to shoot, which was quite cool – at least according to a five year old. That and the fact that it had to be action, with a “ready, set, go” prompt – what kid wouldn’t like that!!

swinging, front view © lynne medsker
swinging, front view, taken on supersampler film camera © Lynne Medsker

It has two speed settings, either .2 seconds or 2 full seconds. I like the full 2 seconds better, there’s a bit more time lapse to show more action that way!

water © lynne medsker
water, taken with supersampler film camera, digitally altered © Lynne Medsker

I’ve got another roll of film loaded in it and we will have the family together for Father’s Day – I’m hoping to get a few fun images from that day. I also got a converter kit for my old film camera to take some interesting (I hope) photos with. Once I’ve had time to play with that and get it developed, I will share it as well.

Happy shooting!


Fisheyes and Film

In a recent post I mentioned that I’ve been playing with film (yes, the stuff we used to put in our cameras before memory cards!) and some cool little cameras.

self portrait © lynne medsker
“shadow self portrait” © lynne medsker

I finally got the film developed and scanned and thought it would be fun to share with you a few of the images. The images for today are from one of the cameras I bought to play with, it’s the Lomo Fisheye #2, and I must say it’s lots of fun! Seeing the world in circular form is interesting, trying to capture it that way? Even more so!

sand play © lynne medsker
“playing in the sand” © lynne medsker

These images were all taken on a day trip to Cataract Falls here in Indiana.

lower falls © lynne medsker
part of the lower falls © lynne medsker

Since we brought our grandson he’s the subject of several of the images. That usually happens when he’s around!

shell find © lynne medsker
“found a shell!” © lynne medsker

He was very interested in both the little cameras I brought with me and, at a recent event, took over the fisheye camera and burned through all the film. 🙂 I need to remember to give him the digital next time – it’s free for him to play with it! I’ll be curious to see what he captured though…I love that he’s already into taking photos at age 5!

poppy & the boy © lynne medsker
the little man with his Poppy © lynne medsker

You need a lot of sunlight or a high speed film to get good captures with this camera, which they tell you but it really was evident by what turned out and what didn’t. You can also take off the viewfinder and use the hot shoe underneath to add a flash…I haven’t tried that yet! These were all taken on 400 speed film. The second rolls that was just finished off had 1600 speed film, I’m hoping that was enough to be able to catch some good indoor shoots at a couple of parties we went to.  Guess we will see! Just for fun I removed the viewfinder from the fisheye camera and held it over the lens of my smart phone – this is what I got:

fish eye on phone © lynne medsker

Kind of fun – although (obviously) it was hard to hold it there and not get my finger in the image!

As you can tell, right now I am just haven’t fun playing…hope you are having some fun this summer too!



Film, Lenses, Apps and Photo Play!

For some reason my first artistic love, photography, has been calling my name the last month or so.

© lynne medsker
near the lower falls, Cataract Falls, Indiana © lynne medsker

As I write this I’ve got two rolls of film (yeah, you know, film…the stuff people used to put in cameras to take photos) ready to be developed. It’s kind of a back & forth dance, I am really excited about playing with film again (and some new toys) yet I don’t really need batches of 4×6 prints laying around the house. So I guess I’ll just have it developed and scanned to a disc so I can play with it in Photoshop if I am so inclined.

© lynne medsker
near the lower falls, Cataract Falls, Indiana © lynne medsker

Several years ago when I gave up on using film I still had a large stash of it so it’s been in my freezer for at least 8 years, some of it longer than that. We were always told in photography class that it could live in the freezer “forever” and not age or expire. I’ll be curious to see if that held true or not. Of course I’m playing with odd lenses, double exposures and other fun stuff so I may not really be able to tell film quality from experimentation.

© lynne medsker
near the lower falls, Cataract Falls, Indiana © lynne medsker

It was fun just going through all the rolls to see what I had stashed away. Today I pulled out a roll of B&W infrared film. Oh, the possibilities!  I had forgotten the anticipation of waiting to see how your images turned out until I had these rolls ready to go. 🙂

© lynne medsker
near the lower falls, Cataract Falls, Indiana © lynne medsker

In the meantime, in this age of instant gratification, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing with different smart phone photo apps. Some of these images have been run through two or three different filters/programs before I was happy with them. Again, like the smart phone art, they aren’t really large enough to do much with but they are fun and I am just enjoying being creative. A weekend camping trip to a nearby park gave me lots of opportunities to play – I like the “old photo” feel and look of these images! Of course my favorite is this one, with a silhouette of my grandson playing in the water. 🙂

© lynne medsker
near the lower falls, Cataract Falls, Indiana © lynne medsker

I guess I can’t talk about smart phone photo apps without mentioned Instagram! If you have an account I hope you’ll leave your username so I can follow you and see what kind of fun you are having! If you want to look me up my username is photoladylm. You can download the program for free on both iPhones and Android phones if you want to experiment with it!

© lynne medsker
near the lower falls, Cataract Falls, Indiana © lynne medsker

Once I get the rolls of film developed/scanned I’ll post some of the images here (hopefully there will be something worth posting!) and also give you the scoop on the new cameras I’ve been playing with. Until then, happy shooting!