Altered Book/Art Journal

As part of my “Creative Every Day” challenge for this year I’ve been working in an old book that was cut down and had a hole punched through the edge so it can be clasp shut with a chain.

Here are a few of the first projects I’ve done in it:

Opening Page
Pen, pencil, colored pencil
Front cover art

I also did a two-page spread of this lovely lady and her funk and funky hair:

Beginning design, ink & colored pencil
Design finished, ready for color!
Color added & complete

I have done a few other things since then but I’ll save them for another post. Have any of you been following the “Creative Every Day” challenge? What have you worked on?


Weapons of Hair Destruction?

If you’ll recall my word for this year is “EXPLORE“! I feel like so far I’m doing more planning to explore than actually exploring, but I suppose it takes both!

Although it wasn’t intended as one of my explorations, a recent even with my hair ended up being just that. I’m a short hair gal, have been for many years, after going from past-the-waist length tresses to cropped I’ve not looked back. The drawback for me having short hair is that it grows. FAST. Like, having it cut every three weeks fast. Sometimes the timing of having it cut vs. travel, special events and schedule doesn’t work out well at all. Cut it too early and it’s unruly when I need it to look great. Wait too long and the next cut comes at a time that doesn’t work in my plans. There are much worse problems in life but this is just the background to my adventure. It had gotten to the unruly stage but also would end up being unruly again at a time I needed it to look nice. What’s a gal to do? I’m too cheap to get it cut twice in two weeks. Since, on occasion, I had trimmed a bit off the edges and I routinely cut my husband & grandson’s hair (although that’s primarily with a “buzzer”) I got the inspiration that I could just do a little bit of trimming myself and then go in a week or so and let them sort out the mess, if I were to make one. (I bet I just made hair stylists everywhere cringe, didn’t I?) Out came the scissors, comb, trimmer and my “how bad could it possible end up” attitude.

hair cutting in process...
hair cutting in process…

I trimmed the edges with a fair amount of success. (Although doing so “blind” in the back was a bit of a challenge, but I don’t see that part of my head anyway, right?) Well that brought up my confidence level a bit more so I thought I’d just snip around on the top & sides as well. So I snipped this direction and that, trying my best to imitate the stylists moves. Then I snipped a bit more here & there. Then I cleaned up a mount of hair that was forming on the sink, floor and all over my body (those capes are a great invention, aren’t they?). Enough. Well, maybe a bit more here & there. And, really, if I’ve gone this far I should probably trim up the top part of the back of my head. Blindly. Snip, snip, snip.  More clean up. Hmmmm. Not quite even. Snip, snip, snip. Enough! No really STOP. So I finally did, cleaning up for the third time in the process.

I bet your are expecting to hear how terrible it looked but, miraculously, it looks pretty dang good! Well, I can’t vouch for the back of my head but the rest I’m satisfied with and it will get me through for another week or so. Of course wearing a “messy” hairdo probably helped a lot!

home made hair cut
home made hair cut

Will I do it again? HECK NO! That was a messy, stressful, time consuming event I don’t care to repeat. But I’m glad I gave it a whirl, even if it was just to show myself a) that I could do it, b) I don’t want to do it again and, lastly, c) why the whole scissors/hair/kindergardener events happen. 🙂

Now the next hurdle is getting it cut “proper” – I can only guess what my stylist will say but I’m thinking it’ll be something like “what happened to your hair?!?” Shhhhh….don’t tell!