October Art Displays

I had one of the “lightning bolt” type realizations last week as I was hanging up art at a local library.  Even just five years ago having a solo display of my work at the library would have been the highlight of my month!  To be honest I hadn’t even remembered that I was showing my art at that location until they sent me a reminder.  I am afraid I am becoming unappreciative of these opportunities, and that makes me more than a little disappointed in myself. I have been blessed with so many chances to share my work with the public that I’m afraid I’ve come to regard it as routine instead of the special occasion that it is.  It took hard work, determination and a lot of my time to get this far and I should celebrate each and every time I am putting my art “out there”!  With that in mind I wanted to create a monthly post that announces where my art is currently on display. Although some of these events have their own post (or have already happened!) I wanted to put them here as a one-stop reference point:

October 1st through November 23nd, “Nature Awakens Creativity”
 part of the Spirit and Place Festival
at the Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN

October 1st through 31st, “Debra Wagner Memorial Exhibit”
 (reception October 9th 6-9 pm)
at the Sugar Creek Art Center, Thorntown, IN

October 2nd – 31st, Solo Show, Danville Public Library, Danville, IN

Saturday, October 10th, Zionsville Autumn Artscape, Art Fair from 10 am to 6 pm, Zionsville, IN

Continuing this month, artwork on display at:

Artistic Designs Gallery, Brownsburg, IN

Healing Arts Indy, Indianapolis, IN

Hoosier Salon Gallery, Broad Ripple, IN

Sugar Creek Art Center, Thorntown, IN

I will try to be more timely when I post the November events! Of course you are always welcome to come to my studio to visit and view my artwork.  Just drop me an email to set up a time – I bet I could even round up a cup of coffee or glass of wine for us to enjoy!

Celebrating each success,


The Hoosier Salon’s Annual Exhibit

river rocks #1 mixed media, 16x20 (c) 2009, Lynne Medsker
"river rocks #1" mixed media, 16x20 (c) 2009, Lynne Medsker

I am so excited that I had a piece of artwork accepted to this year’s Hoosier Salon’s 85th Annual exhibit!  “River Rocks #1 (shown above) will be included in the show that opens to the public on July 13th and runs through September 6th at the Indiana State Museum.

New Hand Colored Photo…

Cooincidentally, after announcing the hand coloring photo workshop, I got out my paints to do some commissioned work on a portrait.  I hadn’t practiced for quite some time so I played on some test prints and then got down to “serious” work. 🙂  I ended up with two versions of the portrait image (always good to give your customer choices!) and then went on to just play a bit.  I had this B&W infrared image of an old truck that used to sit in my neighbor’s yard so I printed it out (8×10…easier to work on larger images) and just spent some time with it.  

old truck hand colored photo (c) 2009, Lynne Medsker
"old truck" hand colored photo (c) 2009, Lynne Medsker

The truck is actually blue but the photo was taken in the fall so the trees & grass were darker than this.  That’s the fun part…I have even painted some images with colors that nature doesn’t even produce!  I just wanted this one to look more like spring (since I am anxious for it to be here in earnest) so I used lighter shades of green and yellow, with touches of orange for a little pizzazz.  This seems a bit more “painted” than some images where I just add highlights of color here & there but every image is different and so is my approach on different days.  

I haven’t put the paints away yet so there may be a bit more playing going on in the next few days if I find/take the time.  Tomorrow will be an artistic play-date for me with a new friend that I met through the altered art group, I am looking forward to getting creative with someone and just having a few hours of uninterupted time to play and maybe learn some new techniques. It won’t be all play and no work, in the late afternoon I am going to trade out artwork at the Hoosier Salon and also hang a few more pieces at Urban Optiks, both in Broad Ripple.  I hope you all have an enjoyable Tuesday!

Until next time,