Recap: Industrial Art Duo, Part II

In my last post I shared images from the Industrial Art Duo class, focusing on the concrete mixed media art. This time I’m going to show you some images of the metal wall sculptures being created. The first step was for each artist to forage through the miscellaneous pieces and parts and do a rough layout of their piece.

Once the design was set then the metal needed to be cleaned and readied for the welding process.

Then they worked with Mark during the welding process and, if they wanted, polished the finish piece.

I think they turned out amazing! I always love seeing the different styles that each one has.

Recap: Industrial Art Duo, Part I

Last month was the first Industrial Art Duo class here at the studio and it was great! We had five participants creating art, first with cement on wood panels and then with metal. This post is going to show you images from the concrete portion of the class.

While the raw concrete was set in the sun to dry everyone had time to make their metal creations and eat lunch. Then it was time to start sealing and adding color!

As you can see there quite a variety of styles and colors. Pretty awesome! The next post will feature the metal wall sculptures created in class, they are pretty awesome as well! 🙂