“Art into Poetry” Poems

Back in April I was so pleased to have my artwork included in a local project undertaken by students at Ivy-Tech Community College-Bloomington. This service project – a collaboration between the Intro to Poetry class, local Boys & Girls Clubs and the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts center – was a learning experience that brought art & poetry together. The ancient Greek’s called it Ekphrastic Poetry, or poetry written in response to art. Today I am going to share some of the poems written by the grade school students who participated, along with the image of art that they drew their inspiration from.

rock my world #7 © lynne medsker
“rock my world #7″ photo/digital art printed on aluminum, 10×20” © lynne medsker

“Mardi Gras”
written by Hala S., Age 9

A mosaic of sun and gasoline;

A rainbow with a setting sun;

A church.

Grass filled with water, streaming





The land.

A Radar of weather

     Forecast: rain and sun for Indiana, Ohio, Illinois.

Acid burning holes in it.

rock my world #8 © lynne medsker
“rock my world #8″ photo/digital art, printed on aluminum, 12×18” © lynne medsker

written by Cammy B., Age 12

Hurricane, Hurricane, go away.

Stormy, windy. Splash! Float away.

Rainy. Blue, black, brown, purple.

Makes me want to curl.

Hurricane, Hurricane, go away.

texture art #5 © lynne medsker
“texture art #5″ photo/digital art, printed on aluminum, 12×18” © lynne medsker

“Sands of Terror”
written by Jack D., age 13

I ride the road of winds and twists

and pedal as fast as the storm,

shouting through the lands.

I must warn them all

the sands approach with thunderous might.

Their master yowls with laughter,

his odious visage a fiendish grin.

As the cloud rises over my head,

my voice is lost in the storm.

I can’t run or hide or call for help,

and a sudden light allows me to rise –

a nightmare?

or a vision of the day ahead?

Art Into Poetry

One of the cool things that is happening with the “intricate Elements” show?

"Intricate Elements" at Ivy Tech John Waldron Art Center, April 2012

 My images were included in this project!

Because you are our April artists, your art will be featured in this year’s “Art Into Poetry” project. The project is a partnership between Ivy Tech students enrolled in Introduction to Poetry classes, and the members of the Ellettsville and Crestmont Boys and Girls Clubs.

Each year, students teach members of the Boys and Girls Clubs how to respond to visual art from the Waldron galleries through poetry. The best poems written for each piece of art used will be displayed in the gallery underneath that piece of art.

They’ve event published a book with the art images & poetry in it! So this evening I’ll be attending this event –

Please save the date for our Art into Poetry 2012 Reception Event where we will honor all the Boys & Girls Club Members and John Waldron Arts Center Artists who participated in our project:

When:         Friday, April 13, 2012, 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Where:        John Waldron Arts Center Auditorium

What:         Art into Poetry 2012 Reception Event

Who:           Crestmont Boys & Girls Club

                      Ellettsville Boys & Girls Club

                      Ivy Tech-Bloomington Intro to Poetry Students

                      Lynne Medsker, Photographer

                      Martin Beach, Sculptor

                      Sarah Wilson, Photographer

Why:          To honor all those who participated in Art into Poetry 2012 and for FUN!

If I can get permission I’ll post some of the poems with the images here soon!