Playing with “skins”

Part of the art project that I am doing with the artists at Noble of Indiana involves the use of acrylic paint “skins”.  These are basically a layer of acrylic paint that is left to dry on a non-stick surface and then peeled up to use within other artwork.  Here are images of a few skins we created during my visit there:

The front/top side (that you see in the pictures) dried to a matte type finish but the underneath, when peeled off of the plastic, is very shiny and has an even more interesting pattern than the top.  These will be intermixed with drawings done by the Noble artists as well as some other images, laid in a grid-like pattern.  Or that’s how I am proceeding at the moment, it is always difficult to say where I’ll end up! 🙂

I had read about paint skins in a few different forums and then saw some in action in Martha Marshall’s blog (a wonderfully inspiring blog with loads of yummy images!).  They just looked like too much fun to resist!

To see the finish project join me at a Noble “Ode To The Beatles” present by Noble of Indiana and Wheeler Art Center.  Enjoy art collaboratively created by Noble artists paired with local artists & arts organizations, all focused on the theme of the Beatles and other prominent 60’s musicians.  Live music, dance performances and more are on tap for the evening, all to the sounds of The Beatles! The opening is this Friday, June 5th, from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Wheeler Art Center.   I had the pleasure of collaboratively creating an art piece featuring Mick Jagger/The Rolling Stones!

Hope to see you Friday!