Art Into Poetry, Wine Tasting – Tonight!

“Art Into Poetry” returns to the Waldron

Friday, April 6, 5-8 pm

“Art Into Poetry” returns as local Boys and Girls Club members write poetry inspired by the art in this month’s shows with in a workshop with Ivy Tech students.  Also back by popular demand is wine tasting by Big Red Liquors.


Lynne Medsker, “Intricate Elements”, digitally-created art.

Paired with Mercedes Eguren Cabernet Sauvignon 2010.

We recommend arriving early for the best chance of participating in wine tasting.


Digitally-created art by Lynne Medsker.


Martin Beach, “Lithomorphs”, granite sculpture.

Paired with Bollig Lehnert Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling, 2010. 

We recommend arriving early for the best chance of participating in wine tasting.


Granite sculptures by Martin Beach.

Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

122 S. Walnut Ave.

Bloomington, IN 47404

Intricate Elements meet Lithomorphs

I posted earlier this month about the upcoming “Intricate Elements” show that I will be having in Bloomington, Indiana during the month of April.  There are so many things going on with/during this show – not the least of which is that I’ll be sharing the gallery space with sculptor Martin Beach! While my digital art will surround you on the walls of the gallery space, Martin’s amazing sculptures will be interwoven through the gallery space as well.

lithomorphs show info
These images of his amazing work are just a small sampling of what he has created. I feel honored to be sharing or artwork at the same venue! In addition to our art there will also be poetry and wine, each paired with certain pieces of art during the opening. I can’t wait!

I hope you will join me for the evening of April 6th, it’s going to be fantastic!