Review/Preview, Open Studio

So, last month I participated in my first ever “Open Studio Saturday” event as part of the local cultural trail!

738292_10151335588454547_1971864865_oIt was a beautiful, warm, sunny day (especially for January) so my fear of snow and access/parking issues (we have a LONG drive that can become rather “interesting” when there is a lot of snow) didn’t materialize.  That was a fabulous start!  My cat got a little lap/love time while we waited for our first visitors.

web, 2013-01-12 13.38.54

I’d promised that the first three people through the door would each get a free piece of art and, as luck would have it, the first car held exactly three people! They were all so excited to choose the piece of art they would take home.

The other part of having the studio open was that I wanted to have some small “make & take” activity that visitors of all ages could do while they visited. This month I used some magnets I’d picked up at Indy Upcycle (if you live around Indianapolis you need to go there, what fun!). I cut watercolor paper to fit on the sticky-back magnets and then got out the permanent markers and watercolors so people could make their own artistic magnets. This is the sample that I made that morning:

web, 2013-01-12 10.51.07

web 2013-01-12 11.30.54

I got people to participate! Happiness! I love it when people jump in a make something.

All in all it was a great first day on the trail. I had new subscribers sign up for my newsletter, got to chat with visitors and – drumroll please – even sold this piece of digital art before the day was over!

"Illumination" digital art on aluminum  SOLD
“Illumination” digital art on aluminum SOLD

The next Open Studio Saturday is in just six days, on February 9th, I hope you’ll stop by to visit and get creative. The plan is to have a drawing for a free art class as well as doing some small printmaking projects. The hours are 11 am to 3 pm, see you then!


Windows to the Soul

I’ve been planning on creating a new series of photo/digital artwork but just haven’t seemed to make it happen. A couple of weeks ago I moved a step closer by collecting all the images that I might want to use in these creations. Just around 2,800 or so! Yikes! I think I’ve shot & collected enough, I need to get busy! During the process I ended up sort and cleaning my digital files, which seem to grow like unauthorized weeds in my computer while I’m not paying attention. It’s not exactly one of the glamorous and fun jobs of an artist but just one of those things that need to be done. Kind of like book keeping, applications and other paper-workish items. The only good part about the digital file cleaning is I always seem to find some long-lists images that I’d almost forgotten about. This time was no different – look!

All these were part of a series of photo/digital artwork in created back in 2004, they hung in one of the first real “gallery” shows that I participated in. Great memories and I still enjoy looking at them! Most people seemed to enjoy them although I discovered through the time I showed them that there are a few people that get really creeped out by eye images. But I got a reaction, one way or the other!



This project has been underway since warm weather (some of the layers were applied outside on a warm, sunny day) but got it’s finish during a chilly winter day. I flip back and forth thinking it feels like a clear blue sky on a sunny day or an icy blue, cold day.

"Aqueous" acrylic on textured canvas, 48 x 36", $995 © Lynne Medsker
“Aqueous” acrylic on textured canvas, 48 x 36″, $995 © Lynne Medsker

It was one of the large canvases that I had textures and painted white last fall, waiting for inspiration to take over.

20+ canvases/wood panels, textured, painted white and waiting...
20+ canvases/wood panels, textured, painted white and waiting…

I will say that originally stash of canvases is dwindling, which makes me happy! I knew that I wanted this piece to be shades of blue, specifically to hang in my living room. I hang my art in the living room, along with the pieces I’ve been able to acquire from other artists, but I’ve never really created a piece just for my own home. It really hadn’t occurred to me! So I decided I’d “commission” myself to make a large piece using certain shades of blues. What fun! I started with a layer of blue and went from there:

Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker
Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker
web, wip 2
Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker

Well, THAT wasn’t what I was after! More blue to the rescue! I think it was along in this stage that I moved outdoors and things really began to happen.

Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker
Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker
Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker
Work in progress, Aqueous, acrylic on textured canvas © Lynne Medsker

I gave up brushes and went straight to using my (glove covered) fingers and hands, swirling the paints and acrylic inks around, blending the colors and literally “going with the flow” of the paint. Aaaah, yes!!web, wip 5

Here’s where that days work finished.

I loved the circular forms and way the colors transitioned from light to dark but felt like it still needed a bit more contrast. So I turned to some splashes of white.web, wip 6

Ack! Too much, too much! Back to the blues, more swirls, more colors flowing and I finally got the darks and lights that I wanted. This is a close-up from part of the finished canvas:

web, wip, finished detail

This really shows the texture that lays under all the color, it’s such a tactile piece you can’t help but run your hands over it!

Staying Green

One of the things that I try to do in my studio (and my home for that matter!) is to be aware of the resources that come through and use them as fully, or dispose of them as properly, as possible. One thing that I have a bit of a personal crusade about is packing and packaging materials! Most of them seem to be over-kill and a waste of paper, plastic, space and time (especially trying to get into some of them!!). Lately the companies that I order my supplies from have been using flat brown craft-type paper in long, crunched up rolls to pad the shipments. This I LIKE! blog, packing paperA few minutes to smooth out the wrinkles and fold it neatly and it has all kinds of uses in the studio. Whoot! I keep any styrofoam packaging to use in building mixed media sculptures as well as the plastic packaging bags to use for protection of work surfaces, floors and even the finished art. blog, plastic bagsThey are great for sorting class supplies in too!

When I purchased the shelving for the studio all the pieces were wrapped in plastic, I’ve got a good stash going now! As for the actual boxes, I break them down into larger flat pieces (again for projects, surface protect, material to create bases for 3D work, etc.) and then the lid flaps I tear up into smaller pieces that I use for stamping texture and designs on work. Look at this tub full of fun!blog, cardboard pieces

There still ends up being some things that I can’t use but if I’m lucky they are items that can be recycled. Here’s some of reusable stuff I got from the shelf packaging:blog, art recycle

I’ve also been working on some artistic projects that use packing/packaging materials but I’m saving that for a future post! Well, okay, maybe just a little teaser for you: web, upcycle  4

Till next time!


Awakening and friends…

I’m still adding to my collection of digital art, having a blog that is set up to show a new images each day keeps me motivated! One thing I decided I would do differently starting in 2013 is to name all my digital images vs. a haphazard numbering/naming combination system. So today I am going to introduce you to “Awakening”, “Affinity”, “Align”  and “Adlib” :

I’ve also been exploring with some drawing programs on my tablet, once I feel a little more comfortable with those skills I’ll share a few digital images created that way.


Weapons of Hair Destruction?

If you’ll recall my word for this year is “EXPLORE“! I feel like so far I’m doing more planning to explore than actually exploring, but I suppose it takes both!

Although it wasn’t intended as one of my explorations, a recent even with my hair ended up being just that. I’m a short hair gal, have been for many years, after going from past-the-waist length tresses to cropped I’ve not looked back. The drawback for me having short hair is that it grows. FAST. Like, having it cut every three weeks fast. Sometimes the timing of having it cut vs. travel, special events and schedule doesn’t work out well at all. Cut it too early and it’s unruly when I need it to look great. Wait too long and the next cut comes at a time that doesn’t work in my plans. There are much worse problems in life but this is just the background to my adventure. It had gotten to the unruly stage but also would end up being unruly again at a time I needed it to look nice. What’s a gal to do? I’m too cheap to get it cut twice in two weeks. Since, on occasion, I had trimmed a bit off the edges and I routinely cut my husband & grandson’s hair (although that’s primarily with a “buzzer”) I got the inspiration that I could just do a little bit of trimming myself and then go in a week or so and let them sort out the mess, if I were to make one. (I bet I just made hair stylists everywhere cringe, didn’t I?) Out came the scissors, comb, trimmer and my “how bad could it possible end up” attitude.

hair cutting in process...
hair cutting in process…

I trimmed the edges with a fair amount of success. (Although doing so “blind” in the back was a bit of a challenge, but I don’t see that part of my head anyway, right?) Well that brought up my confidence level a bit more so I thought I’d just snip around on the top & sides as well. So I snipped this direction and that, trying my best to imitate the stylists moves. Then I snipped a bit more here & there. Then I cleaned up a mount of hair that was forming on the sink, floor and all over my body (those capes are a great invention, aren’t they?). Enough. Well, maybe a bit more here & there. And, really, if I’ve gone this far I should probably trim up the top part of the back of my head. Blindly. Snip, snip, snip.  More clean up. Hmmmm. Not quite even. Snip, snip, snip. Enough! No really STOP. So I finally did, cleaning up for the third time in the process.

I bet your are expecting to hear how terrible it looked but, miraculously, it looks pretty dang good! Well, I can’t vouch for the back of my head but the rest I’m satisfied with and it will get me through for another week or so. Of course wearing a “messy” hairdo probably helped a lot!

home made hair cut
home made hair cut

Will I do it again? HECK NO! That was a messy, stressful, time consuming event I don’t care to repeat. But I’m glad I gave it a whirl, even if it was just to show myself a) that I could do it, b) I don’t want to do it again and, lastly, c) why the whole scissors/hair/kindergardener events happen. 🙂

Now the next hurdle is getting it cut “proper” – I can only guess what my stylist will say but I’m thinking it’ll be something like “what happened to your hair?!?” Shhhhh….don’t tell!



One of the rewards of de-cluttering and organization is finding things you haven’t seen in a while! One of the discoveries I was excited about was in with my printmaking supplies. I’ve not made any new prints for quite some time and actually have some new materials to try out so getting the supplies together and ready made me even more anxious to explore the media again. The bonus was that I’d stashed a pile of gelatin prints from previous explorations in with the supplies, it was such fun visiting with them again. 🙂

I am going to go right now and find a spot on my calendar and mark it in bold letters: EXPLORE PRINTMAKING! Look for some newness in the next month.


Fresh Starts

So to kick off the year I (again) re-arranged, re-organized and re-thought my studio space.

This seems to be a recurring theme with me and I’m learning to accept it as part of my creative process. 🙂 Here are some images from the space as it looks now.

Some of the things that are different are that I added a “gallery” wall to display my art and info on. That really helped define that “reception” end of the studio vs. the “work space”. I also purchased two new sets of shelves (a five-tier and a three-tier) and MORE storage box/tubs. I really do enjoy having all my creative resources organized and labeled, even if I don’t always enjoy the process of getting them that way!

Have you done any redefining of your space or life as the new year begins?

Be My Guest

I’m excited to be joining the “Rural Routes to Main Streets” cultural trail that spans Hendricks and Morgan Counties in Indiana! (Click the link above to download the 2013 brochure and see all the details.)


The trail includes 24 “full time” sites as well as 8 “Second Saturday” sites. My studio is included in that eight and will be open for visitors the second Saturday of each month from 11 am to 3 pm. Do you know what that means?

THIS Saturday, the 12th of January, will be my first Open Studio for 2013!  I plan to have something different on tap each month, to kick off the year the first three visitors through the doors will receive a free piece of art!  I’ve select an assortment of different types of creations for you to choose from (see image below) so there should be the perfect piece of art just waiting for you to come claim it!

blog, studio, free goodies

I will also have a “make & take” activity for visitors of all ages, this month you are welcome to create a round magnet with various materials.

Hope to see you there…


New Fractal Play!

Although I’ve declared 2013 my year of exploration, at this point I’ve not got anything new ready to share with you. So the next few posts will be wrapping up the projects from 2012. Today I’m sharing a few new fractal images that I created in December.

"Fractal #71" 2012 Digital/Fractal Art © Lynne Medsker
“Fractal #71” 2012 Digital/Fractal Art © Lynne Medsker

Of course if you want a larger selection be sure to visit digital+art+daily, my blog dedicated exclusively to digital art, that features a new/different image each day of the year. Amazingly I made it through the first year keeping up with it, let’s see how the second year goes!

"Fractal #78" 2012 Digital/Fractal Art © Lynne Medsker
“Fractal #78” 2012 Digital/Fractal Art © Lynne Medsker

For 2013 I am going to be titling all my digital art and fractals, I’ve begun to confuse myself with the numbers, especially by starting at 1 each year…if I don’t note the year in the title as well – yikes! I spent a few hours the other day starting a list of title names to draw from.

"Fractal #69" 2012 Digital/Fractal Art © Lynne Medsker
“Fractal #69” 2012 Digital/Fractal Art © Lynne Medsker

Sorry, but these images you will have to deal with the last of the numbering system! I had fun playing with these…I’m up to three fractal programs on my computers now, plus I’ve discovered some for my tablet as well. Between all of them and a photo/digital project that I’ve put off for way too long I shouldn’t have any trouble creating a year’s worth of images.

"Fractal #81" 2012 Digital/Fractal Art © Lynne Medsker
“Fractal #81” 2012 Digital/Fractal Art © Lynne Medsker

What projects are you going to tackle this coming year?