Tiny miracles

It was a cold winter day today, nothing unusual in that.  Freezing rain, wind, snow.  Big snow…at least as far as the flake size, not the tiny light little flakes that float through the air but the big chunky kind you feel when they hit your skin. Almost like ice, but not quite.  The kind that stays on you for a while, glistening before they slowly melt.  For some reason today I took extra notice of them, bright white against my black coat sleeve instead of impatiently brushing them off.  As I looked more closely at the tiny flecks I noticed the perfection of each little flake, like minature starbursts exploding in random patterns on my clothes and skin.  It reminded me of the images of snow that you see in advertising (or maybe cartoons?), perfectly formed, symetric, each similar yet each unique.  Why had I never seen each little detail as I did today?  I knew, with my head, my mind, that snowflakes were created to look like that. But the detailed images that I had seen in books or on television, they were viewed with a microscope, weren’t they?  I had always though so.  Had I never looked closely at them?  Thinking my own eyes weren’t capable did I never even try to see the details?  Or was today one of those rare, special days with magical snowflakes and extraordinary vision?  Maybe it was all of those things put together.  Whatever it was it will stick with me for a while, reminding me to have the awareness and faith that it takes to see the tiny miracles that surround me each day.