So, yes, you guessed it. More art on old LP’s today. 🙂 This piece started just like the others:Blog, 2013-04-25 11.42.25

From that point it pretty much followed in the footsteps of “Circadian” with a mandala pattern on watercolor paper, painted, carefully cut and attached to the LP.

This piece is very bright, fun and lively!

"Conjured"  Lynne Medsker
“Conjured” Lynne Medsker

Next post will be one of the last pieces of the art on LP’s and a combination of a couple different previous ones I’ve shared. Be on the lookout!


"Abundantly" cup paper over old book pages mounted on 12x12" wood panel, $145 © Lynne Medsker
“Abundantly” cup paper over old book pages mounted on 12×12″ wood panel, $145 © Lynne Medsker

The last of three pieces on the blog this week, all created using the same technique, this one titled “Abundantly”. Although very time consuming (and hand cramping!) to draw and cut the paper cut over-lay, I enjoyed creating these pieces that combine my love of the mandala form and for old book pages. I hope you have enjoy viewing them as finished pieces and during the process of them being produced.

Until next week!