Some warm creativity during this cold winter

I thought I’d share some recent fractal creations with you today. It seems this time of year I’m drawn to bright colors as I wait impatiently for springtime. This year has been no exception, although this first piece only has a hint of spring color!

email Fractal 2014, january 12-1b

I’ve also gotten into a routine where I create three of these images at a setting. Seems like after the third my brain has had enough!

email Fractal 2014, january 12-2

These images build, one to the next, with added layers, effects and closer details. Sometimes you can see the growth but often they end up looking totally different from their sources. I like that each is unique and stands on it’s own.

email Fractal 2014, january 12-3

Do you have habits and routines in your creativity?



I’ve been enjoying the process of drawing, shading & coloring artwork on paper lately. This is another newly finished piece in that genre!

"Spin" mixed media (marker, graphite, charcoal, ink) on hand-colored paper, 9x12" $175 (unframed)  © 2013, Lynne Medsker
“Spin” mixed media (marker, graphite, charcoal, ink) on hand-colored paper, 9×12″ $175 (unframed) © 2013, Lynne Medsker

I used some of the “marbled” paper from the shaving cream explorations as a background and began adding designs on top of that.  From there it was just pattern after pattern, followed by color and more color!

As you can tell I originally planned for it to be a horizontal image but once it was complete I ended up prefering it vertical. Of course I can’t complain very much about the time & hard work on this one as I did most of it while relaxing on a short get-away trip.

wip, spin 4

Something about making art by the pool is even more satisfying than making it in the studio!

Blended Fractal #38

Switching gears today and sharing some new fractal art with you! This piece was created by layering two other fractals together and blending them.

blended fractal 38 © lynne medsker
blended fractal #38, digital art 2012 © lynne medsker

As you can tell by the look of the two original fractal pieces they were twisted, turned and color modified quite a bit to make the new image!

fractal 36 © lynne medsker
fractal #36, digital art, 2012 © lynne medsker
fractal 37 © lynne medsker
fractal #37, digital art, 2012 © lynne medsker

I really like this new image (and the two originals) now I just need to find a reason to have some prints made. 🙂

New Fractal Prints!

Although I’ve been featuring my digital art on my blog digital+art+daily, I thought you might enjoy seeing some recent work (I’ve been doing a LOT of digital art lately).

(c) lynne medsker, fractal 26B
2012 "fractal 26B" digital art (c) lynne medsker

These piece were finished prior to the opening of “Mixed Well and Serving Fresh” and are included in that show.

fractal #27 (c) lynne medsker
2012 "fractal 27" digital art (c) lynne medsker
fractal #30 (c) lynne medsker
2012 "fractal 30" digital art (c) lynne medsker
fractal #32 (c) lynne medsker
2012 "fractal 32" digital art (c) lynne medsker
fractal #33 (c) lynne medsker
2012 "fractal 33" digital art (c) lynne medsker

I had the images processed at Star Photo in Anderson, Indiana. It was fun to brainstorming with Chuck and come up with some creative ways to display my work. He took this photo of them prior to sending them to me:

artwork (c) lynne medsker, image taken by Star Photo, Anderson, IN
Image taken at Star Photo, Anderson, IN - artwork by Lynne Medsker

As great as they look here, they look even better in person! Stop in the gallery and view them, they’ll only be there two more weeks – don’t miss it. 🙂