Studio Companions

You often see artists portrayed in their studios, slaving over their masterpieces in solitude, which can be the case I suppose. But having a home studio kind of changes that concept! When I am available by simply opening a door the solitude isn’t usually permanent. 🙂 I thought I’d share a few images of my companions in the blog today!

"amy" © lynne medsker

This is our recently adopted cat, Amy. She came to live with us last fall and settled in, quite happily, as soon as she arrived. Although we adopted her as a “working cat” to catch the mice and critters that like to invade our garage and surrounding areas she’s become quite a well-loved member of the family. You only need to be in her vicinity for the purring to start and it goes into over-drive with just a few strokes of her fur. When she knows I am working in the studio she hangs around outside the french doors so she can peek in and check on me (or meow loudly for attention if she hasn’t had enough). If she’s not on the porch looking in she hops in the back of the truck that’s parked in front of the studio and watches me from there, as in the photo above. When I work outside on sunny days she’s right there with me, sometimes a bit too much “right there” as she’s been seen walking around on pieces of art drying in the sunshine!

my art buddy! © lynne medsker

Another companion, especially when I am working outdoors, is my grandson. He likes to have his own projects to work on right along side of me when we are outside.  If I am working on a piece using the spray bottle to make drips & runs he’s my official squirter for the project! Indoors he likes to explore all the drawers of art supplies, piling up paintbrushes into interesting constructions or sorting and playing with my cans full of rocks and other “treasures” keeps him occupied.

my art buddy in the studio © lynne medsker

Of course there are days that we just “play art” together and let him have fun. He’s building up quite a wall of art in his bedroom! He also has his own small “art station” with a huge drawing pad and washable markers, along with a small pair of safety scissors he likes to cut the paper into small pieces with. It’s usually pretty evident when he’s been in the studio keeping me company!

"spike" © lynne medsker

Although not as interactive as my first two companions I also recently added a new friend to the studio, aptly named “Spike”! He was on a clearance shelf and just seemed to want to come home and join the plant I brought home last year, Claude. I need to get him settled into a more permanent pot but so far he seems to be happy with his new surroundings. Both the plants sit next to the iPod dock so if I’m not talking to them enough they are at least taking in lots of good music!

So that’s a little peek into life in my studio. Now it’s time for me to get out there and get busy on some pending projects! Until next time just think of me happily working, in semi-solitude!


me in the studio © lynne medsker

Life & Growth in the Studio…

Last April I wrote a post about “Claude” the new plant that had joined me in the studio. I’m happy to say that not only is he alive almost a year later, he’s actually grown and thriving!

"Claude" April 2010
"Claude" March 2011

I’ve not been known for my ability to tend to live plants so I am proud that he’s doing so well. It took some effort, when the weather was colder I would carry him out to the studio when the fireplace had it warmed, set him on the table to soak up sunshine and bring him back in the house at night (the studio drops to 50 degrees when I’m not using it). I’ll admit that a few times I left the poor guy in the cold but I think that he’s grown strong with the nurturing he’s had because he survived with only the loss of a leaf or two. That got me to thinking that the watering, nurturing and attention that it takes to keep a plant alive, healthy and growing is a lot like keeping artistic creativity thriving. If you ignore it, leave it in the cold or dark for too long or take it for granted it begins to shrivel and die! I think having Claude around will remind me of that, which makes him not only decorative, but functional. 🙂


New life

I have to admit I’ve not much of a green thumb and most of my houseplants die a miserable death. But I’m on a streak and have kept (most of) a planter full of greenery alive since late last fall.  Which lead me to feel brave enough to add a new friend to my studio.  I tried to resist, honestly I did.  I still don’t know if it was the perky green leaves or the cute blue pot but I couldn’t help but bring this little fella home with me when I spied him last week.

plant, image 1 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

Once I picked him up to bring him home I discovered he was just sitting in a little plastic container inside the cute blue pot so when we arrived home I filled the pot with soil and, with lots of tender love & care, nestled him into his new home surrounded by some yummy, rich dirt. He’s a full sun type of guy and so the studio is a perfect place for him to live during the warmer months of the year. When late fall rolls around he’ll have to more to an indoor location for a while! I’ve enjoyed snapping photos of him with different lighting and angles.

plant, image 2 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I wonder if he’ll influence my art and I’ll start adding greenery to all my creations?

I’m thinking of naming him after a painter since he’s an art studio plant. I’m leaning toward Claude (Monet) but I’m still open for suggestions!