Scenic Road Trip, Rocky Mountain National Park

(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

In my last scenic road trip post I shared photographs from my trip to & over Independence Pass, Colorado.  The following week I took a full day to go explore Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. I was so excited I was even able to get myself out of bed early and on the road as the sun came up! I was “on the road” for a full 12 hours from start to return, many of those hours spent climbing in & out of the car taking photos – in addition to scrambling up & down the hiking paths. It was a wonderful day with beautiful weather and I enjoyed every part of it! Here are my favorite images from the day:

(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
(c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

Next time the road trip finishes up with Colorado and moves into Wyoming. Look for it soon!



"incline" mixed media triptych, 8x10 each, $295 set of 3 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

This is one of those pieces that went through a lot of changes before it arrived at it’s final destination! That’s a nice way of saying it challenged me a bit. 🙂  But I enjoy a challenge from time to time so that was just fine. It began with a strip of aluminum surrounded by a textured layer of mortar. It also began as a very blue color!

work in progress, image 1, incline (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
work in progress, image 2, incline (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

The layers of color just kept on coming and eventually the hue changed from blue to more predominantly brown tones.

work in progress, image 3, incline (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
work in progress, image 4, incline (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
work in progress, image 5, incline (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

Getting closer but now I felt like maybe I’d covered up too much of the blue! Finding the middle ground is difficult some days.

work in progress, image 6, incline (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

Back in with a bit of blue and then some rust and copper colors to blend the top & bottom of the pieces and it was finally finished. I don’t know if it was the abundance of trains in the area, the many local mines or just my imagination but the strip of aluminum began to remind me of a railway along the side of a steep mountain, thus it’s name “Incline”.

More art on Thursday!


Non-Identical Twins

"non-identical twins, 1" mixed media on illustration board, 30x15", $225 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

Does this piece look familiar? Last month I posted it in an update featuring a variety of new works I had recently completed. Today you get a look at the process for it’s creation, as well as it’s “twin” artwork that was created at the same time. These are more artwork made on illustration board. I make random marks with wax on the board and then cover it with contact paper before drawing the design on it. Once the design is finished I mark the sections so I know what colors I anticipate painting them (it frequently changes during the process, but it’s a starting point!).

work in progress, image 1, non-identical twins (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

The contact is removed from the illustration board by gently cutting around the edges of each section with an x-acto knife and then peeling it off the board. Then the exposed sections are painted with their assigned color.

work in progress, image 2, non-identical twins (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
work in progress, image 3, non-identical twins (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

The wax makes for some surprises when it repels the thin washes of acrylic or watercolor paint, which makes it fun. I used a thicker coat of brown/gold paint so it covered in a solid color. Down to the last sections now and I have a change of mind once I’ve peeled off the contact paper.

work in progress, image 4, non-identical twins (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I had originally marked these areas to be white but decided it was too stark white looking for my taste so I switched gears and painted these areas in a light blue. Here’s the end result for the second piece:

"Non-Identical Twins, 2" mixed media on illustration board, 20x15", $225 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

And, yes, I would have to say that I might not have come up with this idea if my new granddaughters weren’t twins.

grandbabies, 4 months old

And yes, again, they’re not identical! Inspiration can be found all around. 🙂


Scenic Road Trip, Independence Pass, Colorado

I thought I’d share some photography today! While I was in Colorado last month I took a couple of days to just go out on scenic drives and photograph. These photos are from the trip out on 9-9-10, from Breckenridge, through/around Leadville and then out over Independence Pass and into Aspen. We had some spectacular clouds that made for great photography, which was awesome, and also made for some showers, which wasn’t quite as awesome. Dodging the drops was a challenge from time to time but it was still a great day. Here are a few of my favorite shots from that day:

mount buena vista (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
clouds/snow on the mountain peaks (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
mountain in black & white (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
clouds, mountains, water, flowers (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
along the winding road (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
old barn at Independence Pass (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
low hanging clouds after the rain (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
ghost town in the valley (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
growth along the Colorado River (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I hope you enjoyed today’s “mini” tour…I had fun re-living the day as I was sorting & posting these images!

Happy trails!


Buried Treasures

"Buried Treasures" mixed media on wood panels, 32x16" overall, $365 set of four (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

Featuring more art that was created during my stay in Colorado for today’s post! These pieces started out as flat wood panels that I put a blended-color coat of paint on to start.

work in progress, image 1, buried treasures (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I had been experimenting with grout and cement and decided to add a nice layer of texture with cement on these pieces.

work in progress, image 1, buried treasures (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

It was toward the end of the day so I left it overnight to dry. The next morning I was excited to see how it would look with some layers of paint on top! I picked up the first panel and, bam, all the cement slide right off onto the table. The other three followed suit and I was back to colored panels with a layer of cement dust before I knew what happened. I am not sure if it was the layer of paint, the texture of the panel or the wood products it was made of but the cement certainly didn’t like to stick (it did, however stick on other pieces!). SO…not to be outdone by cement I pulled out my jar of acrylic gel and redesigned the pieces over again.

work in progress, image 2, buried treasures (c) 2010, lynne medsker

So take THAT cement! 🙂 As soon as that was dry I began layering the colors one after the other.

work in progress, image 3, buried treasures (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
work in progress, image 4, buried treasures (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

You may notice that the pieces eventually moved around. Although I had planned on them all “flowing” together (like the image with just the acrylic gel on them) during the confusion of losing the cement design I laid a couple of them down upside down and the hangers ended up at the bottoms! So I just went with the flow and turned them into a different design.  The final touch was a liquid layer of gold/pearl color on each panel. I really liked the turquoise and swaths of gold throughout, which is what led me to the title!

I hope you have a lovely weekend…I’ll be back with more new images on Monday!


First Snow…

Yes, sorry, I know it’s just September and I said that “S” word that a lot of us dread. Can’t help it though, it’s the title of today’s featured art piece!

"First Snow" mixed media on illustration board, 20x30", sold (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I made this piece shortly after I arrived in Breckenridge, Colorado, for my stay as a guest artist at The Tin Shop. I must have been inspired by the mountain views out the windows because I rarely do art that is even semi-realistic, I’m more of an abstract kinda gal. This piece is another of the mixed media pieces created on illustration board that I’ve been making lately. It’s a process I’ve really been enjoying even though it’s a bit more “planned” that a lot of my work. I have been applying some wax to the illustration board prior to covering it so that when the thin layers of paint are applied the wax covered portions repel some of the paint, leaving a mottled kind of pattern.  Since the wax is clear I’m never quite sure what I’m going to get until I put the paint down, so it’s a fun surprise! This image is of the illustration board once it’s been covered with clear contact paper and the design has been drawn on top.

work in progress, image 1, first snow (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

The first thing I did was to add a sand/gesso mixture to a few areas since that would take the longest time to dry.

work in progress, image 2, first snow (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

My original thought was to add the blue sky last but I changed my mind and put it in first since most of it was away from the sand/gesso areas.

work in progress, image 3, first snow (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

To add the sections one at a time I cut around the areas with an x-acto knife and peeled away the contact that covered that portion. Here are images of the next few steps:

work in progress, image 4, first snow (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
work in progress, image 5, first snow (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
work in progress, image 6, first snow (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I even got more “realistic” and added lines of pine trees through the green areas of the paint. I don’t know what was up with me that day! 🙂

work in progress, image 7, first snow (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

Almost finished at this point! I went back in and added black outlines around the shapes to make them more defined and then proceeded to sprinkle and brush on the “snow” portions of the piece. Before long it was finished! I hung it on the wall in my studio area and was surprised by the many nice comments it got. Even better than that, it was purchased and is now living in Chicago as a reminder of someone’s trip to Colorado!

Plenty of new art & photos left to post…look for more newness soon!



Monday greetings to everyone! I am home and in the midst of unpacking and reorganizing things. My road trip through Colorado, Wyoming & South Dakota was wonderful and I have literally hundreds of photos I am sorting through. Be prepared for travel/photo posts in the near future! For now I am going to share some more new art images created during my residency in Breckenridge. During one of last week’s posts I mentioned new artwork that I was particularly excited about. Today’s the day to feature it on the blog! It began as a cement mixture that had some paint pigment added into it and then was spread onto a two-panel set, one measuring 10×10 inches and the other 10×20.

work in progress, image #1, celestial (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

After it was applied to the panels I went back with a tool and swirled it and made designs into the wet cement before it began to dry. Then it sat to dry for a day or two. Having some pigment already in the cement kind of threw me for a while, but eventually I just jumped in and started adding layers of colors.

work in progress, image #2, celestial (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

With the light colors in the cement black seemed to be a good starting point but then I felt like it was too much black and needed more color. On to the next layers, this time with a very liquid mixture of acrylic in a bright red hue, which settled in and blended with the black very nicely.

work in progress, image #3, celestial (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

Still not quite there but making some progress. I must have gotten caught up in the process during the last steps because I didn’t take any more progress photos until the piece was finished! As you can see the next layers included iridescent copper along with a few other shades of pink/red, additional layers of black to make it more intense and a splattering of thinned-down copper as a final touch.

"celestial" mixed media on wood, 10x30 overall size, $275 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

I’m not certain that the photograph does the piece justice but you can get a general idea of how it turned out, anyhow! It’s fun having all this new work to share and to think about where I will display it, what shows it will be in, etc.  The future looks exciting through my eyes right now!

Peering ahead,


New art for a Monday…

I am very excited to be taking a long, winding, scenic route from Colorado back to the midwest over the next few days. I’ll be traveling through areas of Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota before I finally jump on to an interstate on head east. I have my camera ready, spare memory cards, extra batteries charged and a big smile on my face thinking of all the beautiful & fun things I’ll discover along the way. I have been in Breckenridge, Colorado as the resident artist at “The Tin Shop” since the 2nd of September. This was my second visit here and it was, again, an awesome experience to be able to leave “normal life” behind for a while and focus on art and creativity. I’ve felt very “in balance” with myself and hope that it will continue when I return home. Life is always evolving and I feel like there are many positive changes happening! As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be offline for a few days but I wanted to keep some posts going while I am gone. These are some work-in-progress images, as well as some completed pieces that I worked on a few days ago. The rest will be in my next post so stay tuned!

These are more of the mixed media work on illustration board. This time I cut the board into smaller sizes to make several smaller pieces instead of the large 20×30″ ones. Here are the 8 pieces after I have them covered with contact paper and the designs marked out on them:

work-in-progress image #1 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

The next image is about 2/3 of the way through the cutting, peeling & painting of individual areas on each piece:

work-in-progress, image #2 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

Now for some finished products!

"storm" mixed media on illustration board, 5x7, $45 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
"currents" mixed media on illustration board, 5x7, $45 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
"magma" mixed media on illustration board, 8x10, $75 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker
"ozone" mixed media on illustration board, 8x10, $75 (c) 2010, Lynne Medsker

These felt different to make after having spent many days working on very textural, organic art on wood. But it was a fun departure!

Till next time,


A Sponsorship Opportunity

(alternate title: “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg!”)

Some of you may recall that I was selected to be part of a residency program in Breckenridge, Colorado, during the spring of 2009. I am excited to tell you that I’ve been invited back this fall! I am anxiously planning my trip and looking forward to a nice, long, uninterrupted creative time. What I want to chat about with you today is the opportunity to help sponsor my trip! I am having a 10-day “Sponsorship Drive” from August 18th-28th where my collectors, fans and friends can both help me with my travel expenses and receive some wonderful benefits for their help!  Here are the details:

Any amount of sponsorship will be doubled and turned into an “art credit” that you can use toward purchases of my art, photography sessions or classes through December 31, 2010. So a $20 sponsorship would be worth $40 toward a purchase. Want to take a class that is $60? A $30 sponsorship during this drive earns you a $60 credit to pay the class fee with! Perhaps you have your eye on a particular piece of my work that costs $300? Sponsor me for $150 and you’ll have a $300 credit to purchase that piece!  To make the process easy I am able to accept sponsorship monies via cash, credit card, check or PayPal.

In addition to earning your art credits you will be invited to attend a special “Sponsors Only” Appreciation Party on Thursday, September 30th from 4 to 8 p.m.  This party will feature the very first preview of the new works created during my residency, along with door prizes and other surprises throughout the evening! I am grateful for the support & encouragment of my artistic pursuits and hope you will give your consideration to sponsoring me, as I continue to move forward.

Love & Appreciation,


Words & Letters

alphabet scraps #2 (c) 2009, Lynne Medsker
"alphabet scraps #2" Digital Collage (c) 2009, Lynne Medsker

Seems like my life has been consumed with letters, words, sentences and paragraphs this week.  It’s exhausting!  After my stay as guest artist at The Tin Shop in Breckenridge, CO this past April I moved “applying for residency programs” up on my list of priorities.  I would be delighted if I could get accepted to one each year or two!  The time to dedicate to my art and explore new surroundings is such a blessing to me! The downside of making that a priority is all the thinking, writing and paperwork required for each submission.  Some are more detailed than others (multiple, collated copies or specific required information) but they all take quite a bit of time and effort for me to prepare.  Although I can chat on my blog, Facebook or Twitter quite easily (often more frequently than I should!) I struggle to perfect my formal writing tasks.  It is usually a multi-day process, with several revisions, before I am pleased enough with my efforts to set them forth into the world for others to read.  I try to make my proposals specific to the location and facility that I am applying to so that each seems thoughtful and unique instead of submitting a plain, generic request.  Add to that there is the selection process of what media I will apply for and what images to submit as samples of my work to consider.  If you’ve followed this blog at all you know I skip around from one media to another on a frequent basis.  Trying to narrow the focus of a submission is tough!   I am always second guessing myself on what they might be looking for, what media would stand out best and how to present it.  Frequently you need to include one or more public programs during your stay as well – another decision to make! I guess the upside of sending out several applications each year is that I can vary the proposals enough that I cover everything I’d like to do at one location or another. 🙂  As I was looking through some of my images for the submission I mailed out today, I ran across these two images.  I had posted some similar work when I was in Breckenridge but didn’t include these.  Since it seems all I’ve done is look at words & letters lately they were a natural choice to include in this post!

alphabet soup, close up #1 Digital Collage (c) 2009, Lynne Medsker
"alphabet soup, close up #1" Digital Collage (c) 2009, Lynne Medsker

I had just read somewhere a few days ago that visual expression and verbal/written expression come from totally different parts of the brain and many people are dominate in one area but not the other.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that one comes more easily to me than the other!  My secondary goal with these submissions is to actually get them sent BEFORE the postmark deadline, I tend to procrastinate and frequently make last-minute trips to the post office on the very last possible day.  This time I was three whole days early, so progress is being made!  I am looking forward to a month-long break before beginning on the next round of submissions (Three!!) that I’ll start working on in September.  Hey, maybe now I can make some art instead of just writing about it!