Scenic Road Trip: Oregon Coast (Part 2)

rocky coast © lynne medsker

From our tide pool walk earlier in the morning we continued our journey north along the Pacific coast of Oregon. We passed by the historical railway but it was closed.

coastal railroad, oregon

train © lynne medsker

I managed to capture a few pictures through the fence for my nephew who is quite a train buff.

bridge over water © lynne medsker

crossing the bridge

After crossing this amazing bridge the next treat we came to were the immense sand dunes! They stretched for miles and miles.

sand dunes © lynne medsker

sand dune, oregon © lynne medsker

It was really hard to capture the scale and height of these dunes, some were over 500 feet tall! We decided to treat ourselves to an hour-long tour in a two-seater RZR and had quite the adventure going up & down the hills of sand.

Mark & RZR © lynne medsker
Mark in the drivers seat
Lynne & RZR © lynne medsker
Me behind the wheel!

I’m sure my screams could be heard for many miles! We took turns driving but I don’t think I ever got Mark to scream, only to laugh as I screamed and drove at the same time straight up and over the mounds of sand. sand dunes, oregon © lynne medsker

After recovering from that fun we headed north again, look for the conclusion of our day in the next road trip post!